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July 17, 2009
What a garbage movie! It's worth watching because of Peter Stormare, but other than that it is incredibly unbelievable!
March 4, 2009
een onweerstaanbare feel good romantische snowboardkomedie
October 9, 2008
One of the best Norwegian movies ever! Me likeee :) Haha, the lollipop man is funny :'D
September 29, 2008
S├Ąger bara... Peter Stormare!! ^^
½ September 13, 2008
surprisingly funny movie where the plot is centered around snowboarding and being the best at it to get the girl and to gain popularity. in other words there are a few similarities to "better of dead" when it comes to how the plot plays out. but the best part of the movie has to be Peter Stormare as a ex-surfer who left the waves in the states heartbroken and ends up in fucking VOSS!=? even he seems more like a hippie than anything else, but the guy is quite a character.
the snowboarding scenes are pretty good but brief. to end things off i would say this film is a great movie for teenagers and amusing to the older crowd.
½ September 2, 2008
If Norwegian film has been on the up the past few years, Ole Martin Hafsmo's directorial debut Switch is a massive setback. It has all the traits previously associated with the Norwegian film industry: lacklustre acting, phony dialogue and a substandard script. The diagnosis is not as much lack of professionalism as lack of talent - which in many ways is less uplifting. Peter Stormare has been quoted as saying the reason he chose to do Switch was that he was impressed by the script. It must have been a feeble period of bedside reading for the Swede. He sports a wild beard and an outright horrific "svorsk" accent for his role as Tommen, as he competes with the young lead Sebastian Stiger in delivering the least authentic lines. The film's easily best aspect is the snowboard action (containing stunts done by skilled Norwegian snowboarders such as Per Iver Grimsrud and Kim Rune Hansen), but there is no way they can divert the attention from the hopelessly na´ve and clichÚd script. There are beautiful scenic shots from the Western Norwegian parish Voss. Unfortunately, none of the actors can boast a Voss dialect. Poor effort.
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