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½ November 28, 2015
another take on the oft told king arthur myth
October 2, 2014
One of Sean Connery's worst...
½ May 16, 2014
What were Sean Connery, John Rhys-Davies and Peter Cushing thinking?
June 15, 2013
See Kurt Astbury's review. He pretty much nails it with the line, "This movie is exceedingly STUPID!"
½ April 14, 2013
Miles O' Keefe is quite a handsome bloke with a good physique, so why give him a ponce hairstyle like that?
November 25, 2012
Despite it's uneven pace, deja-vu plot, cheesy lead, 'Sword of the Valiant' is an entertaining sword and sorcery film.
½ August 8, 2012
I was practically speechless after I saw this film. I just couldn't decide whether I had periodically napped throughout the entire film or if the film really was that much of a mess. The scenes didn't connect with each other, the plot didn't seem to go anywhere or if it went it went to the wrong direction, the acting was awkward, the characters had no defining characteristics, the overall goal of the protagonist had no impact... I had no idea what I was watching most of the time.

What I could gather was that there was this knight, played by Miles O'Keeffe, who got curse by another knight, this one mystical in nature and played by Sean Connery, and he had to walk the earth for a year in some sort of spiritual enlightenment quest. Or something, I don't know, the movie never explained just why this knight went on his quest other than that he was forced to by Sean Connery's character. And that's this movie. Something always happens, sure, but the viewer is rarely sure just what actually happens or why. And the why is what bothers me the most. I was so confused while watching this movie as nothing was ever explained, established or settled. The knight just travels from one place to another and something happens. And by the movie's finale I didn't even care anymore. I just wanted it to end.

To the movie's credit I must say that I actually enjoyed Sean Connery's character. His Green Knight had very little motives behind his actions, other than 'why the hell not', but Connery applied his usual charisma to his performance and to a degree it works. The opening scene where he rides to the castle is actually very unsettling and bizarre, but in a good way. But then we rarely see him again, which is a shame because he's one of the few things that work in this film. And yeah, I guess that the settings and costumes are just fine and nice to look at, but they hardly make up for the non-existent story.

So yeah, don't see this one. It's not worth it, not even in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way.
July 8, 2012
Katsoin alun, se oli jo riittävän kamala karkottamaan tv:n äärestä.
June 26, 2011
I saw this when I was a little kid and for some reason it just popped into my head recently. I didn't really remember too mu of it other than the long voyage to track down the swordsman (didn't even remember he was green.) I did have bit of the song in my head for days.

I tracked this down to watch it as an adult. It's about an old tale of a a green knight who makes a bet that no one can cut off his head with head with one blow. They do and he puts his head back on.

This movie really was not as good as I remembered. It was pretty damn cheesy. Tons of over acting. They jumped from one situation to the next. At one point after 4 hours of knowing a woman he declares his love for her and tells her how their love can move mountains. It's just bad... Funny too watch, though.
March 22, 2011
A king is bored by his knights and isn't interested in feasting on a buffet of different kinds of food. He's very bored and bitchy. That's until a knight disrupts things. A Green knight who carries an axe. He looks very elvish except his ears aren't pointy and he's played by Sean Connery who seems to be very into this particular role despite how funny it is. He seems to be just as bored as the king and asks if anyone would like to play a game.

It begins by having someone step forward and chop off the Green Knights head. Who will step forward to do such a random act of violence? Sir Gawain will that's who! He accepts the challenge and does chop off the Knights head. It doesn't kill him. He actually asks his body to come and pick up his own head and plants it back on like normal. Now it's Sir Gawain's turn to be beheaded, but The Green Knight decides not too since Gawain doesn't have a beard and isn't a real man. So, he gives Gawain a year to solve a riddle and if he doesn't solve it in that time then the Knight will have to behead him. The riddle goes like this:

Where life is emptiness, gladness. Where life is darkness, fire. Where life is golden, sorrow. Where life is lost, wisdom.

And with that, The Green Knight rides off. Gawain is stuck having to find the answer to the riddle for much of the film. He falls in love with a beautiful woman named Linet who later gets kidnapped by an evil prince and at that point the film loses all it's purpose. It begins to sink into a dull and unimaginative area where Gawain tries saving her from the evil prince and then, of course, gathers up some men for a proper battle which doesn't make any sense.

I enjoyed the first half of the film because it was creative and I would've given this film 3 stars just by how campy the movie is, but once Linet gets kidnapped it lost me. Even the ending where Gawain doesn't finish solving the riddle and has to fight The Green Knight is so weak and bad. I did like how The Green Knight, once defeated, returns to the Earth so to speak, but after that the film just ends and it leaves you asking yourself 'What was the point?'

Overall, I think, just like the king at the beginning of the film who is bored with his Knights, the people who made this film were just as bored and thought 'Hey, lets make a movie about a Green Knight'.
November 17, 2010
A boring, but sometimes hilariously-poorly done film. Not hard to believe this killed the director's movie career. It's sad because this is a very interesting story (at least the source material was), but they screwed that up with bad actors (minus Connery and a few others), a terrible synth score and probably the worst set design/art direction I've ever seen. For Connery fans only (and even then... yeesh.)
October 14, 2010
I'm going to give this a proper review where it belongs, on Bad Movie Nite - after Halloween is over. Suffice it to say that for the average moviegoer, this is a really bad movie. But if you love Arthurian literature, this adaptation of Sir Gawain & the Green Knight might make you cry.
August 4, 2010
This movie is a freak'n tardfest of epic proportions. It stars Kilometers O'Keeffe as Sir Gawain. A squire turned knight instantly, the second he agrees to Sean Connery's foolhardy challenge. The challenge is this. Connery threw an axe into a table and said any man who draws the axe must chop off his head while he lay still. However, if he has yet the strength after his head is removed then he will return the favor. At that point everyone with a brain said Awww hell naw! But not Gawain. He pranced his squire ass out in front of the court and accepted the charge. (facepalm)

From there it gets dumb. He neatly slices off Connery's green leafy crowned head onto the floor. The bodiless Connery simply calls for his arms and legs to come and get him and put his head back on. OF COURSE! Why didn't I think of that? He then acts like he's going to chop off Gawain's head, as he should but he deliberately misses. He says Gawain is just a kid and so he gives him 1 year to grow up a bit and answer his riddle. Then he vanishes in a blaze of green smoke leaving Gawain to ponder his new quest.

So, just like you or I Gawain bolts out the door looking for answers to the cryptic riddle that can save his life. Although unlike us he is riding in style, wearing the king's ceremonial armor on his very own steed. Accompanied by his own squire he now has all of the tools necessary to be a mounted douche-bag. This becomes evident when he says "What's for dinner?" and his squire says "I don't know, we didn't bring any food." Wait a minute! You're on a 1 year quest but you didn't think to bring any food? You sir, are a retard.

Unfortunately, I didn't turn the movie off right there. Instead I trudged on, like a disinterested kid in a clothing store. I found myself yelling frequently at the screen. Telling Gawain that he was stupid for eating magical food and for letting a murderous city guard live. I really started yelling when he fell in love with a girl that he knew for 20 minutes. DUDE SERIOUSLY, YOU JUST MET HER! Then he somehow gets separated from her and acts like his life is meaningless without her. Remember the part where you were a young brave knight who wasn't afraid of anything? What the hell happened? It's then that he finds out that he's playing an elaborate game setup by Sean Connery. So he decides to play on and go back to get his woman.

For some reason when he goes back to the magical city she lives in it's super easy to get her out now. The first thing he does though is leave her all alone to go collect firewood so guess what happens. She gets kidnapped! What a tard. Then we finally meet most of the cast. We see Peter Cushing, Ron Lacey, and even John Rhys Davies! It's too bad not one of them can do anything but watch this suckfest go down in flames. I'm not kidding when I say that I've never seen a movie with an all-star cast that sucks as much as this movie does. A lot of it has to do with the silly effects and lackluster music that completely ruin any world immersion that is achieved by the actors. The other part is just that the story is complete bullshit. What is Connery's motivation? Who the fuck knows? Why is a squire suddenly good at everything? How does six months pass on the way to one city? I have no clue how to answer any of these questions. Then there are more serious questions. Namely ...

1. Where did Connery get his powers and what is their source?
2. What are the extent of Connery's powers?
3. How can John Rhys Davies be Ron Lacey's dad when in real life Davies is 9 years younger than Lacey?
4. What is Peter Cushing's role exactly?
5. If Lionesse is a magical city that no outsider has ever found why is there duty bound guard protecting it? Gawain would never have found it if the guard hadn't lead him back to it. That makes NO DAMN SENSE!
6. Where did Linet get the magical cloaking ring and what is it's significance?
7. What is Connery's relationship with the witch?
8. Why is Gawain's kingdom full of apathetic wimps?
9. How did Linet escape certain doom in a small room full of fire?
10. How did Linet make a magical item that would prevent Gawain from being harmed?
11. How did Gawain's squire know when and where to meet him when he went out to challenge Connery?
12. Why did Connery's armor have a gaping hole in the chest?
13. Why does stabbing Connery kill him when cutting off his head only makes him laugh?
14. What was the purpose of Connery's riddle or his game?
15. Why do unicorn's disappear when you hunt them?
16. How did the sage know EVERYTHING?
17. How can anyone trapped between a drawbridge and a portcullis escape?
18. Why does Gawain kill the citizens of Lionesse with no regard for life?
19. How did Gawain recruit the help of a blue collar labor force?
20. What happened between the two warring nations?
21. What did Gawain do after Linet left him forever?
22. Why did no one ever teach Ron Lacey how to fight?
23. How was the guard of Lionesse raised from the dead?
24. Why was everyone in Lionesse frozen in time when Gawain returned?
25. What was Linet's relationship with Sir Bertilak?
26. Why does a rainbow appear when the black knight is summoned?
27. Why is the witch even in the movie if she doesn't do anything?
28. How does Ron Lacey have the authority to lead a war party if he can't even stand up to his father's decisions?
29. Why is there a convenient trap door in the dungeon?
30. How did the friar end up in the dungeon anyway and how does he know how to escape?

These are just the questions I came up with off the top of my head. Any movie that leaves that many major plot points unanswered is bullshit. I don't care what the positives are. The experience is ruined if I have to constantly stop and ask questions about what is happening and why. I don't need all the answers. But I would like to have things like character relationships revealed.

A completely unrelated note is that I believe Gawain was the inspiration for Prince Valiant in the movie Spaceballs.

Should you watch this movie? Hell no! It's exceedingly stupid. Just so you never have to here is how it ends. Gawain cheats death and then slices Connery across the chest. Connery turns into dust and then Linet turns into a bird and flies away. The fucking end.
October 20, 2009
One of those unintentionally hilarious movies with Miles O'Keeffe looking like Linda Evans in Dynasty and Sean Connery looking like a christmas tree!
June 30, 2009
alaa movie...weird riddles of life, a good life game
½ May 8, 2009
Miles O'Keefe was the John Phillip Law of the 1980s. A tall, good-looking, blonde actor who was incredibly wooden. The best thing about this very loose adaptation of the epic poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" is the "Green Knight" played by Sean Connery. The budget is low and O'Keefe looks impressive as "Sir Gawain" but its hard to stay interested in him. And he and Cyrielle Claire have no real chemistry. Luckily, when Connery is not around there is usually Trever Howard, John Rhys-Davies, or Peter Cushing on hand to keep the plot moving and help Miles out.
March 31, 2009
This movie left a little to be desired. It was a good thing my expectations weren't very high to begin with so I actually made it through the whole movie.
½ March 22, 2009
Blah... not good, headed off to bed before 1/2 way finished.
March 11, 2009
Cuando la vi me impactaron los efectos, claro era un niño, aun hay algunas cosas que son raras en la movie, recuerdo haber tenido el cuento ruso en el cual esta basada la movie, al final si la vuelves a ver t descepcionan los efectos y la armadura de hojalata casi alumino, pero en su tiempo me dejo absorto ;)
½ December 21, 2008
The production values in this movie were pretty good. True, the beards and wigs look like they belonged in a high school production of Camelot, our heroine is wearing material that you would be hard pressed to find reference to in any history book, Sean Connery is covered in body glitter and his puppet head looks like it came from Discount Puppet Heads R Us. However, the sets are beautiful, the extras are all wearing believable costumes and no one looks like they are wielding plastic swords.
The movie is plagued with pointless characters who show up and then disappear, Sean Connery must have cringed every time he had to utter a flowery poetic line that sounded nice but had no meaning, Miles O'Keeffe gave his usual stiff performance with all the range from A to B.
This is far from the worst movie I have ever seen but it is bad. If you insist on wasting your time watching it don't rent it, wait for it to come on TV.
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