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½ September 1, 2013
David Gale is the only reason to watch this rather dull sci-fi horror movie
October 7, 2012
I really enjoyed David Gale's over the top acting in this one!
August 4, 2012
i swear, it's awesome.
½ June 1, 2012
Mash up of 'Robocop', 'Alien' and 'The Terminator' with heaping helpings of yuppie satire and B-movie stupidity. Bizarre and awkwardly paced but guffaws are guaranteed.
½ November 7, 2010
Ha, Cyberdyne. Loony CEO Carter Brown hijacks the very project employed by his subordinates to unseat him, and is opposed by laser-spinning Susan Valentine and her boytoy reporter.
July 29, 2010
For some damn reason the VHS cover artwork to Syngenor stuck in my mind since my childhood. I'm not sure why though as the VHS artwork isn't that great but for some reason it stuck. That and for the fact this B-monster film stars "Re-animator" star David Gale got me to buy it at a cheap price. After viewing the film and listening to the DVD commentary I was surprised to learn is actually a sequel to a low budget film made 9 years prior titled Scared to Death. Nowhere on the box art will you find information that this is a follow-up no doubt the DVD distributors not wanting connect this film to an ultra low budget film made years before that not many people have seen. The makers of the movie even had this mentality as there is no reference to the events of the first film and no characters of direct plot carry over other than the beastly Syngenor itself.

Our film opens with some high class jackass taking some high priced prostitutes to a "High tech" lab to show them some Syngenors only to have them meet bloody demises. It seems that our greedy corporation is into military weapons and their new weapon is a genetically made monster called a "Syngenor", and in case you didn't see the first film that stands for synthesized Genetic Organism. These monsters were designed for desert combat and get their fluid intake by drinking the spinal fluid of their victims. Our greedy corporation (headed by the late great David Gale!)sends out a Syngenor to kill the genetic scientist that created them as he quit the company. The Syngenor succeeds but the scientists daughter becomes a witness so she and a reporter (they always seem to team up with reporters in these type of films!) to take the corporation down, that is if they can beat an army of Syngenors first!

Syngenor can be fun at times for a low budget monster romp but it's budget really hinders the scope of the film. The Syngenor suits look good but they don't have quite the scary image they had in the first film Scared to Death. Perhaps it's due to the fact director George Elanjian Jr. decides to film them in well let areas as opposed to keeping darkly lit like original director William Malone. The high tech lab where the Syngenors are kept is obviously a kitchen of a hotel with white sheets covering up all the kitchen equipment. Still with such a low budget the filmmakers seem to have done a credible job.

The acting is of kilter as some of the actors take this hooky material seriously and others ham it up. David Gale shines in this film and he had his tongue firmly in his cheek with his performance. His character starts out subtle but by the end he was a stark raging mad! I had a ball with his performance and it really added to the fun nature of the film. My favorite part of his performance is towards the end when he goes over the deep end and our protagonists find him wearing a bunny mask backwards on his head. Fuckin' great!

Though a sequel this film can easily be viewed on its own. I saw it first and never thought it was a sequel until I did a little research. After viewing the first film Scared to Death I can honestly say that Syngenor is a little better thanks to a higher budget and a little more fleshed out plot. The first film tried very hard to be scary (and failed) whereas Syngenor has more of a sense of fun to it. Fans of B-monster films are encouraged to at least give Syngenor a rent.

Bonus Rant (Spoiler): I found it odd that the plot device used to kill the Syngenor creatures is water. Water literally makes them explode. However this is a continuity error compared to the first film. The Syngenor in the original film took refuge in a sewer so it couldn't have been killed by water. I can't be too picky as Syngenor, though a sequel, actually acts more like a totally separate film which just happens to include Syngenors so I can't expect great continuity.
April 13, 2010
Syngenor? What is with these movies being more about a corrupt business than the creatures they created. It took almost the entire movie to get a full shot of some mutated giant cat thing. David Gale is awesome in this.
½ March 13, 2010
"Syngenor: A perfect blend of man and machine with an appetite for justice and knowledge. Designed to fight in the dry arid climate of the Middle East this warrior requires no water. Instead it survives solely by draining the victim's spinal fluid. Syngenor. For that extra effective combat ready killer so necessary on today's battlefield." That is exactly what was said while the creator's niece was in the Syngenor museum.

I'm not gonna say much about this movie. I saw it a long time ago and I just recently dusted off the VHS and gave it a second glance. The concept behind this movie is so flawed that it's hard to grasp. A super soldier that is nothing more than a freak of nature killer who's primary weakness is getting wet? Why wouldn't you make a super soldier impervious to water? Also, when it came time to kill them why didn't they just use water in the first place?

A few funny parts where the description of the Deathrattle gun that shoots 1000 rounds per minute in a 10 meter wide swath of destruction and the security alarm sound that was taken directly from Cobra's base on GI Joe.

I think my biggest question is actually why didn't the reporter say anything about the Syngenor pod in the creator's garage after the niece found him in there. Days and days later he's like "Yeah, I saw it in there. It was glowing and I didn't know what it was." Maybe you should've mentioned that to someone?

This movie is pretty bad. It's hard to recommend at all. Watch at your own risk.
½ March 24, 2009
To appreciate this film, you really need to take it for what it's worth. It's your basic Science Fiction 80's shlock. If you are looking for something with value and great meeting, you are barking up the wrong tree. If there is a doubt in your mind about this film, don't watch it. You'll just wind up screwing up the ratings system with your nonsensical rating. Syngenor (a loose sequel to an earlier film called Scared to Death) is one of the sillier 80's/90's monster movie hybrids. The Syngenor stands for SYNthesized GENetic ORganism, or just "supersoldier", H.R. Giger lookin' motherfuckers who are set loose in a high rise corporate building and running amok. If it's not the Syngenor's killing people, it's fucking loony ass David Gale (Re-Animator) going apeshit after injecting too much green serum into his neck and tearing people apart. It's up to generic leading lady and some Steve Guttenberg lookalike to save the day and stop these Syngenor's from taking over. It's standard trapped-in-a-building-with-monsters type film that's more humorous than scary, but manages to keep me entertained nonetheless. I guarantee that if they had taken out the monsters and just left David Gale in it, it would still be an entertaining movie. Oh yeah, and we get a quick shot of some big ass titties at the beginning of the film. Off the wall film, but fun nonetheless.
September 1, 2008
Connu sous le titre "Soldat cyborg" en francais, Syngenor est un nanar a  voir entre potes. Ces super soldats, qui ressemblent etrangement a  la creature du lac noir, sont concus pour se battre en plein desert et redoutent l'eau. Super pour des super-soldats (sic)! De plus, ils n'ont quasiment pas besoin de nourriture, ils consomment la moelle epiniere de leurs victimes (re-sic)! A ce moment la , pourquoi pas le foie ou les couilles??? Le moins que l'on puisse dire, c'est qu'ils ne sont pas rapides du tout, du tout et sont des quiches au combat (re-re-sic)! Bon, y'a la paire de nichon reglementaire de ce genre de films et quelques blagues bien debiles. Mention speciale pour le personnage de Carter Brown (David Gale) qui est completement braque et se fait de droles de piqures dans le cou d'une substance verte (on ne saura d'ailleurs jamais pourquoi, re-re-re-sic) Replique qui vaut son pesant de cacahuetes: la femme aux dents longues qui veut prendre le controle de la societe: "La Cyberdyne n'a pas besoin de Brown, il est faible et impuissant! Cette societe a besoin de quelqu'un comme moi pour la diriger, quelqu'un qui ait des couilles!"
La jaquette annoncait "Cette fois, la science est allee trop loin..." mais est-ce vraiment la science?
Bonne rigolade au final, le tout pour 1Euro au marche aux puces... C'est ce que ca vaut!
½ November 10, 2007
'Its so crap, its good' doesnt apply to this one.
August 28, 2007
I love lame ass B-Horrors. The make 3a.m. so much better!
½ July 8, 2007
Bought this on VHS for 99 cents. Can't say much positive except for the brilliantly stupid name and that David Gale is always fun to watch.
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