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September 1, 2009
A skeleton of theme minus the meat of resonance
June 21, 2007
Gaghan kapitulira pred holivudskim konvencijama te film zaklju%u010Duje spektakularnom, ali banalnom i krajnje neuvjerljivom zavr%u0161nicom
November 11, 2006
This is neither realism nor tragedy. It's cynicism, which exposes itself most nakedly in Damon's addresses to the Arab characters, and in Gaghan's own portrayal of them.
October 7, 2006
It's entirely possible that Gaghan just isn't an actor's director.
September 28, 2006
The disorientation is purely cosmetic.
May 12, 2006
No one-sentence synopsis is possible, but here's a stab: A bunch of people, played by George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright, Christopher Plummer and others, stalk around looking serious and doing stuff.
March 4, 2006
There is a weird absence of both dramatic heat and political light here.
February 27, 2006
Gaghan piles one storyline on another but is only interested in suggesting where they trend, working like a (cynical) editorialist who has made up a few examples to support his views.
January 15, 2006
A well-meaning, yet meandering and confusing political thriller.
January 7, 2006
I'm not afraid to say that I just don't get what all the fuss is about.
December 30, 2005
Didactic and muddled to the point of incoherence.
December 24, 2005
The movie's shaky cam visuals appropriate the look of nightly news reports, and that's symptomatic of Gaghan's failure to give his polemic a soul.
December 21, 2005
The film throws so much information at you so quickly and so relentlessly that it's easy to become overwhelmed and confused.
December 17, 2005
The cinematic equivalent of a sound bite.
December 15, 2005
In movies I am always holding out for a hero. In this one, none appeared.
December 15, 2005
Overly ambitious and too complicated.
December 14, 2005
All you need to know is everyone is a bad guy in one way or another, they all want money and/or power, and they'll do anything to get it.
December 13, 2005
A film about going home and being good to your kids.
December 10, 2005
[A] complex, occasionally riveting film that may fulfill Gaghan's purpose ... but will leave many viewers wondering what just happened.
December 10, 2005
They're all pawns of the oil industry -- or rather, they're pawns of director Stephen Gaghan.
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