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May 31, 2014
Six is like a Bossy Pixie Dream Girl.
½ April 19, 2014
I feel somewhat of the opposite of the critcs and reviews that I red. I find it a great cast suiting the roles. I loved most characters and even though the story is somewhat hard to see I liked it.
I was grinning through the first half, quite confused through the second and at the end I felt several ways. Besides a few specific scenes and maybe some details that I didn't enjoy I really enjoyed the whole movie including the characters and the story. I think it deserves more credit then it got.
April 3, 2014
I personally enjoyed the movie. As a personal who deeply enjoys sci-fi and action thrillers, Syrup came to me as a bit different from the others. The story wasn't typical and so wasn't the suspense. I movies kept me entertain for the whole 1 1/2 hour and I really enjoyed watching the fast-paced and confusing movie. Confusing because the ending got me thinking. Its a movie you'll enjoy if you're really bored and tried from the typical romantics or thrillers. Don't watch this if you're looking for something really common, because the ending will leave you puzzled for sure.
½ March 8, 2014
Opened my eyes to some things, cool female character (in my opinion), but nothing is resolved and nothing changes.
February 8, 2014
Just a flat out bad movie from the first minute all the way till 55 mins in (that's as far as I made). I rarely give up movies, especially if I've already devoted an hour to it, but I just had no interest in watching one more second of it.
½ February 7, 2014
Best classified as an edgy romance with corporate shenanigans thrown into the mix.
½ January 29, 2014
This movie started out decently strong, but fell apart about halfway through becoming pretty weak by the end with several overt cinematographic errors in a scene involving rain - overcast in wide shots, but clearly partly sunny in close ups. A 20x20 silk would've saved this shot, but no grip or DP work could've saved this film. It is fun, but inevitably forgettable.
January 11, 2014
Syrup is a okay drama about a guy in advertising but sells is energy drink idea too this ad company and fall for this girl that works for the company. It's an interesting concept for love story but it's just an OK movie.C+( 2013)
½ January 11, 2014
Syrup is a clever piece of film based on Max Barry's blacker than black novel about modern business where saying Wharton and Harvard is more important than effort and hard work. In a world where brand image is everything, everything is up for grabs.

Shiloh Frenandez plays Scat, a guy with dreams but lacking the killer instinct, that is supplied by 6, a platinum blonde who lives for marketing, well-played by Amber Heard - together they look to make a new soft drink and get involved in the ludicrously lucrative world of inter-office politics and global marketing.

This is good solid satire that just about has enough self-knowing irony to cock a snoot at what it's meant to be doing - and we, as the audience are gullible to be fooled and wise enough to know the fun is being fooled.

All in all this is a well-made and well-packaged film that doesn't quite get to the heart of the novel - but it's fun and funny and appeals to the post-hipster too cool for school in all of us.
Super Reviewer
½ January 10, 2014
Based on the acclaimed novel, Syrup is a hard hitting comedy about the advertising industry. After stealing a million-dollar idea for an energy drink from a freelance agent named Scat, the company's top ad executive, Six, decides to partner with him in order to develop a successful ad campaign that'll save her job. Amber Heard gives an impressive performance that has a lot of charisma. And, the film uses an interesting narrative that breaks the fourth wall; with characters turning to the camera and delivering witty commentaries about marketing. Still, the shop talk gets a bit confusing and the character arcs are somewhat unsatisfying. Though it's not quite as clever as it thinks it is, Syrup is still a fun satire.
January 8, 2014
brilliant ending, a movie for creative director, copywriter,marketer, IMC-ers,
½ January 7, 2014
interesen film za marketingot i dobivanje na orginalni idei za reklama so cel da se prodade proizvodot, vredi da se pogledne, ako vi se dopaga serijata House of Lies, togas ke uzivate i vo filmov
½ January 3, 2014
Not bad. But god god, Amber Heard is the greatest female on the planet
December 28, 2013
I love Max Barry. I've got all of his books. And he's not that prolific a writer - one reason being that he usually sells the movie right immediately and then fucks off to Hollywood for months upon months of "development hell" before it's apparent that nothing's happening with the film, then he flies back to Australia and begins with the next book.

[PARAGRAPH INDENT]Syrup was his first novel, and it's the first one he's managed to finally get to the big screen. Or, at least, a screen. It had a select cities release. Very unadvertised, despite the fact that it's a satire of marketing.

[PARAGRAPH INDENT]The book was hilarious. Superbly written. Over the top. Satirical. Loveable. The movie... I not sure what they were thinking with it.

[PARAGRAPH INDENT]There's a lot in the movie plucked straight from the book (6's lesbianism, the strip club scene...) yet it's under-explained that I think the average viewer might have no idea why any of this stuff is happening. But if it's meant at complimentary material for fans who've already read the book, they've failed in that regard.

[PARAGRAPH INDENT]I'm not a purist. I understand that certain changes must be made in an adaptation. If you're going to do away with the Hasbro-style movie storyline, okay; there's no need to do it in LA. New York works fine. Couldn't get Coca-Cola to sign on for the product placement? I understand; you change the name to Addy. Change @ to 3 and give Brittany Snow all of about ninety seconds of screen time? Fine.

[PARAGRAPH INDENT]But what was with the ending? Barry's ending, to be sure, was corny and rather happily-ever-after-esque, but he didn't get preachy and nihilistic about it. He didn't lay the burden on 6 as if capitalism is her fault.

[PARAGRAPH INDENT]And can we talk for a second about the inability to adapt satire. A staged funeral where the entire marketing team of the product that killed the deceased is present is a big bundle of whatthefuckery. If it's a pre-taped news interview, why would Zeph-co (or the news station, for that matter), allow this anti-marketing tirade and personal growth monologue to make it out the sound studio?

[PARAGRAPH INDENT]I'm sorry, Max Barry. I love your books, but this film was not a good one. Yes, Amber Heard can act, and the soliloquies worked, and even the voiceover, but there was too little expounded, too little respect for the source material, and it overall was not that enjoyable to watch. I hope your next one is better. I'm giving this three stars just for the success of the book.

[PARAGRAPH INDENT](But, Mr. Barry, you certainly chose the perfect cameo for yourself. All you have to do is stand there next to Amber Heard in her underwear, a scene which probably took a day and half to film. Kudos, sir.)
December 23, 2013
This ain't a comedy that's first off.
Its all about image and that's the whole point of this film. It teaches us a lesson that you can build yourself to whoever you want others to see you at but really you are not being your authentic self cause you are selling a persona not who you are.
You do not need a new name or a new dress top etc.. you just gotta be yourself and your true supporters will surround you.
This movie is a little flat and deals with advertising and has some crude language that is very adult and this movie really aint for the kiddies.
It can be a good movie for advertising or business study students.
For me its a one off movie and then see you buy buy.
The actors played well but really nothing to go home and be amazed about.
December 21, 2013
I laughed maybe twice, but almost all jokes missed, the premise was stupid and in the end it all lead to nothing anyway, a waste of my time
December 12, 2013
Great watch! Entertaining to say the least. :)
December 4, 2013
Almost as cool as it thinks it is. #AmberHeard killed it
November 25, 2013
The book was better.
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