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A pseudo-political thriller on the fritz, Typhoon drowns in its own heavy handedness and silly acting.



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A would-be North Korean defector still reeling over the killing of his family by the communist government when he was just a child determines to destroy the Korean peninsula in a tense, politically minded action thriller directed by Kwak Kyung-taek and starring Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jung-jae, and Lee Mi-yeon. When a vessel sailing a few hundred kilometers off the northeast port of Jt Long in Taiwan is hijacked by pirates and the National Intelligence Service learns that a nuclear guidance kit has been stolen, they quickly dispatch naval lieutenant Kang, Se-jong (Lee Jung-jae) to find out who was responsible for the deed and to bring him to justice. The criminal mastermind in question is Sin (Jang Dong-gun), a man who harbors a deep-rooted hatred for the Korean government due to a tragic event that took place in his childhood. As a young boy, Sin's family had tried to defect to South Korea. When they were turned away by a government who feared complicating their relationship with China, however, Sin watched as his parents were brutally executed and his only sister, Choi, Myung-ju (Lee Mi-yeon), was taken away. Upon learning that Sin currently resides in Russia, Lieutenant Kang travels to the Eastern European republic as the tragedy of Sin's past slowly comes into focus for the sympathetic military man. His mission to apprehend Sin is clear, though, and despite his personal feelings Lieutenant Kang remains determined to get his man by any means necessary.


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  • Feb 06, 2011
    Big budget Korean action drama about a modern day pirate with a serious grudge against both North and South Korea who threatens to unleash a nuclear cloud above both countries. It's all quite Americanized and resembles a Jerry Bruckheimer production at times, but it has its fair share of drama too as the back story and motives of the villain are played out. It's a pretty slick film with well staged action sequences but nothing we haven't seen before from Hollywood.
    Lee ? Super Reviewer
  • Oct 26, 2009
    This Korean film is actually a melodrama cleverly disguised as an action thriller. Sure, on the surface there are plenty of gunfights and firepower, and the plot is about an impending terrorist act thrust upon South Korea. However, at its core the movie is about a North Korean family scorned and denied entry into the South, and the bitter aftermath of the surviving brother and sister. That inner story is truly touching and in the end plenty of sorrow. Typical reliable korean storytelling with fine acting especially by the villian more so than the stoic hero. Overall, definitely worth a watch!
    alan j Super Reviewer
  • May 08, 2009
    <div align="justify"><p><b> Action Packed?! Naw. This Movie is everything but NOT Action packed. Unlike other Asia Movies with all that Hi hu ha and Kiyayu and all that Dragon thing and Kungfu thing, Typhoon is really different. Dont get me Wrong MOI IZ A ACTION and all that Kiyayu thingy FAN too though it was refreshing to watch an Asian Movie without all those "Asia Klicheé" for a change. A mystery to me why some Folks titled it as "Action Packed" Typhoon is a <u>political-thriller àla Asia. </u> DUH! Ah well perhaps I guess some Folks got pissed off because America was not the Center in a Political Thriller this time. I guess many Folks expected Typhoon sort of all that "Asia Klicheè" such as John Woo&co Movies thats why all that underating. Super Directing and great Acting. Yes Sad as well, though what I liked it wasnt overdramatised. And even till at the End there is NO KUNGFU thing. The last about 40 min were very interesting for me.
    Lilo C Super Reviewer
  • Feb 11, 2007
    A good film, but sadly, nothing special. When I heard the premise of modern day pirates, that was enough to get my hard earned bucks (a pirate movie that isn't tongue in cheek that is). But what starts as a high seas pirate adventure turns into a fairly routine cat and mouse picture after the opening credits. Plus, I love melodrama, Guy Maddin's one of my favourite directors, but some of the brother and sister relationship made me laugh out loud, it almost belonged in a comedy. Yet, I don't regret seeing it, it did have interesting, yet cliched characters, and a somewhat interesting story.
    Christopher B Super Reviewer

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