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April 7, 2016
Have a beer, or twelve, and you should be alright with this one. Unless... You're TAKEN.

I've said the word "cliche" during my lifetime. Never has a word been so fitting, and yet so unfitting at the same time. Taken has an undeniably ability to entertain. Liam Neeson plays a ex-government agent, now hyped bodyguard, who's daughter is kidnapped. He then proceeds to break many people, on his way to try and get his daughter back. I'm trying hard to hold back the laughter when talking about this. Let me break this down. For a film that is supposed to be an action-thriller, it is cluttered with quite decent humour. If they embraced how daft parts of this film are, I may have liked it more. You want a cerebral film? Don't watch this. You want a film with great dialogue? Don't watch this. You want a cliched action film? Well, here it is.

The only performance that I think I can muster a mention for here is that of Liam Neeson. I don't think I have ever seen such comedic prowess in any being. He puts on showcase his best Bale-era Batman vocal impression. I mean he has a lot to thank for the writing, but his delivery of these lines is exceptional. Delivery in that cliched, deadpan, yet over-the-top manner equals absolutely hilarity, and is very well-placed in a film about his daughter being kidnapped from across the planet. Oh wait... This film isn't a comedy? That's a shame. Every other cliched character is played as just that in this film. Everyone is so serious in this film, and it really is hard to not bust a gut whilst watching. Every performance is so right yet so wrong, in a film that is so right, yet so wrong. These performances are not good, but they are fitting.

I didn't expect such a film. It is great in its total blindness to how humorous it is. Roughly ninety minutes long, it never gets boring. It is a crime that such a script was ever written, but with such script I think they did the best they could have done. You are so taken out of this film by almost every element of it, that it somehow has you fully intrigued. It really is one of those "it's that bad, that it is good moments". There are absolutely no surprises in this film. You could map this film out with just the short premise. I cannot bring myself to think awful things of this film, because it did entertain me so very much.

To finalize, go into this one without expectations. Never has an action-thriller been so non-thrilling, and so funny. I, personally give this film plaudits for being something that I never thought it could be. If you somehow make the mistake of thinking that this film will be a smart, enthralling action-thriller. Run. Run as fast as you can away from this film. However, if you're expectation is to have a laugh, then this film will deliver on that front. If you are a little more impressed by mindless action, give it a watch too. It isn't actually that bad. Honestly. I think.
April 2, 2016
Your arrogance offends me, the rate just went up 10%. Predictable and has some ridiculous moments, but moves at a pretty good pace and entertains, sometimes unintentionally, for the most part.
½ March 29, 2016
It has a rather uninteresting plot with dumbass action but with Neeson as an awesome character with huge motivation backing him up, its hard not to enjoy it.

½ March 19, 2016
After giving this a second viewing I may like it even more this time! Sure, there isn't any tortured artists in this film, but as far as action movies go, this one hits all the marks! Liam Neeson is perfect!
March 8, 2016
Loved this movie when I saw it.
½ March 5, 2016
Has a generic main story that you see all the time but the hunting and fighting is thrilling
March 2, 2016
Middling action fare.
February 21, 2016
It gives the audience what it needs. That's it! It doesn't fools anybody. The guy is a retired Spy who's daughter was kidnapped...... What do you thinks is this going to be?
A good movie to watch though.
½ February 7, 2016
A father that loves his daughter and goes to find her even if it's impossible to succeed.
Super Reviewer
February 5, 2016
Taken is a great action film with a good plot, great action scenes and a great performance by Liam Neeson who proves to be of intimidating stature in this film. Definitely check this film out!
January 30, 2016
Vengeance at it's finest!
½ January 28, 2016
A fast paced action flick with Liam Neeson stepping up to the plate. This is a movie the critics got horribly wrong, with quotable lines and great action sequences. There are some negatives, for example the fast flickery fighting shots don't always work and I wanted it to be longer but overall this is an absolute thrill ride and one of my favourite action movies!
½ January 26, 2016
I didn't know this system about rape. It is well done. Not so much thinking because of the simple topic dad doughter relationships.
January 24, 2016
I really enjoyed this movie and the second one...I actually watched the second one first, which kind of ruined this one a little bit but I thought both movies were great!
January 24, 2016
Ah sure, the virgin is saved.
½ January 23, 2016
There's a really positive reception for this movie.
½ January 14, 2016
Taken is intense and amazing.
January 10, 2016
Taken is a thrill-ride helmed by the great Sir Liam Neeson. It's got thrills, chills, and everything in between. With a superb story and action this is a summer blockbuster that really works.
January 10, 2016
Thrilling action movie; once it gets started, it never lets up. Scores real points for never wasting time and keeping the hits coming. Liam Neeson owns in the lead role.
January 7, 2016
My favorite Liam Neeson movie of all. The best story, acting and actors
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