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James Belushi and Charles Grodin team up for this variation on the Prince and the Pauper. Belushi plays Jimmy Dworski, a convicted car thief, serving time in a minimum security prison. But when Jimmy wins a pair of tickets to the World Series from a radio call-in show, he can't resist walking out of jail, particularly when the warden won't even let the inmates watch the series on television. Grodin plays rich workaholic Spencer Barnes, who, when his wife walks out on him right before a long-planned vacation, leaves his datebook in an airport telephone booth. Happening upon Spencer's datebook is Jimmy, who simply intends to return the datebook to Spencer for a 1,000-dollar reward. But when he finds the datebook contains his credit cards, Jimmy assumes Spencer's identity, living the good life and dating the boss's daughter, while making his way to Malibu to return the property to Spencer.


Jim Belushi
as Jimmy Dworski
Charles Grodin
as Spencer Barnes
Stephen Elliott
as Walter Bentley
Hector Elizondo
as The Warden
Veronica Hamel
as Elizabeth
as Sakamoto
Tee Rodgers
as Stadium Guard
John P. Menese
as Chauffeur
Stanley DeSantis
as Car Rental Man
Chris Barnes
as Luggage Boy
Jill Johnson
as Tennis Court Girl
Tom Nolan
as Mr. Wright
Marjorie Bransfield
as Tennis Club Receptionist
Selma Archerd
as Woman in Pro Shop
Joe Lerer
as Ira Breen
Howie Guma
as Sakamoto's Assistant
Elisabeth Barrett
as Diane's Assistant
Michele Harrell
as High Quality Receptionist
Stu Nahan
as Radio Reporter
Marjorie Bransfeld
as Tennis Club Receptionist
Michael McNab
as Main Gate Guard
Michael Kinney
as Malibu Jail Guard
Leslie Suzan
as Malibu Jail Woman
Janet Julian
as Woman on Plane
Dan Kern
as Snooty Man
David Ruprecht
as Yuppie Dad
Whitby Hertford
as Yuppie Son
Baldo Dal Ponte
as National Anthem Singer
T. Rodgers
as Stadium Guard
Darlene J. Hall
as Jeep Driver
Lenny Hicks
as Mediator
Joe Bratcher
as Mediator
Burke Byrnes
as Prison Guard
Tony Auer
as Prison Guard
Tommy Morgan
as Gang Member
Buddy Daniels
as Gang Member
Andrew Amador
as Prison Reporter
Sandra Eng
as Prison Reporter
Joe Torre
as Joe Torre
Mark Grace
as Mark Grace
Bert Blyleven
as Bert Blyleven
Mick Blue
as Beach House Cop
Ron Chenier
as Beach House Cop
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Audience Reviews for Taking Care of Business

  • Jul 09, 2011
    A great little comedy from the early 90's with James Belushi playing a likeable con who escapes from prison to attend the World Series while getting his fellow in-mates to cover it up. Whilst on the outside he stumbles upon uptight business executive Spencer Barnes (Charles Grodin) Filofax personal organizer and ends up assuming his identity living it up in the lap of luxury turning Spencer's life upside down along the way. Now all he needs to do is break back in before the warden realizes what has happened because Belushi only has two days to go before his release from prison.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    A funny and entertaining movie, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2008
    Charles Grodin has always been great at playing the straight man in comedies. He's usually the put upon character who doesn't quite understand what is happening around him. Here he plays an ad exec whose entire life is contained between the covers of his filofax. When he accidentally loses it, his life quickly falls in to chaos. Jim Belushi plays an escaped car thief who find the filofax as he tries to make his way to the World Series to watch his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. He quickly assumes Grodin's identity and live the high life while on the lam from the law. It's mistaken identity to the nth degree as Belushi begins to unravel everything Grodin has worked for. But he may doing him a favor while doing it. It's a twist on the "Trading Places"-type of comedy where the lower class slob shows the upper crust how to lighten up. What would you do if you were suddenly given the keys to paradise? Would you try to fit in, or make that world fit around you? Jim Belushi will never be his brother, the late great John Belushi. But he never tries to be. He deliver the smart aleck lines with skill, and make the character a likeable oaf. Grodin is great as his foil. A man who loses total control of his life, but finds himself again in the process. Sounds preachy for a comedy, but it really isn't. It's a fun ride, and director Arthur "Silver Streak" Hiller keeps things moving quickly, balancing the rise and fall of each characters luck in the process. It may not be "Trading Places", but it's fun all the same.
    RJ M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 12, 2008
    Funny, but nothing to write home about.
    Tim S Super Reviewer

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