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April 12, 2018
Brillant Script and Brilliant storiea that was Get Out prequel.
March 12, 2018
What a great movie! I went in thinking this was going to be crap, but I was waaaaay wrong! I had a great time and I think everyone should watch it.
February 19, 2018
Jordan Peele is supposedly resurrecting The Twilight Zone to be a movie or tv series. I think he should totally do a sequel (or tv spinoff) to this lol!

Welcome to My Mortuary (the wraparound story) ***1/2

Rogue Cop Revelation **

Boys Do Get Bruised *

KKK Comeuppance ***

Hard-Core Convert ***1/2
½ July 3, 2017
Clarence Williams is great as the Horror host, through this effective and funny anthology. Not only works as a horror film, but peppers in some really social issues without beating you over the head with it.
½ June 1, 2017
Definitely more satisfying with it's scares and-surprisingly, it's social commentary-than you might expect. Like any good horror anthology, we have an eccentric teller of our tales: Mr. Simms, the director of a funeral home in South Central LA where 3 hoods have dropped by to score some drugs. Simms is interested in introducing them to the many types of people unfortunate enough to become his customers, and tell the stories of how they came to be cold in a coffin.
And thus we hear 4 yarns detailing how police brutality and corruption, child abuse, racism, and a desperate need to adhere to the hardcore gangsta lifestyle can all lead some unfortunate souls to an early grave. (And one story hits too close to home for the 3 drug buyers!)
The film is definitely inspired by the film version of "Tales From The Crypt" in it's framework and the TV version in it's spirit and execution. There's some great social commentary here, but you never feel like you're being preached at or clubbed over the head. (No surprise Spike Lee helped produce it.) For fans of horror or hip hop cinema (killer soundtrack, in more ways than one), this is a coffin lid you'll want to pop open.
May 20, 2017
I don't remember this film being much of a hit or being a film anyone took much notice of when it first came out, but I think if it had it come out now it would have garnered more attention. The film is essentially a blaxploitation versions of Tales form the Crypt, telling several horror short stories but with a racially provocative twists. Although I haven't seen the recent horror film "Get Out" it sounds very similar to this one in that it is a well made horror film at it's core, but also features an interesting not so subtle subtext about race, racism, and race relations. Clarence Williams III takes on the Cryptkeeper role as a creepy funeral director who tells three drug dealers he's trapped in his place of business four scary stories, each with a twist. The best two come in the middle of the film, one about a boy who tells a teacher about a monster who lives in his home, which features an uncharacteristically dark role for David Alan Grier, and another story about a racist southern politician, Corbin Bernsen, who gets his comeuppance by a small army of dolls possessed by the spirits of slaves killed on the plantation where he's now set up office. I probably liked the latter best from my obsession with little things attacking bigger things (i.e. Puppet Master, Gremlins, Troll, Ghoulies, Critters, etc.). But as I said earlier, this film came out at a time when films about race were supposed to be high minded ventures like "Do the Right Thing," "Higher Learning" or "Menace II Society," and were not supposed to be exploitative genre films, so I think this film was consequentially not taken very seriously, eventhough it was produced by Spike Lee. Overall, this isn't a horror classic or even a particularly insightful film about race, but it is one that I think deserves more respect than it's gotten. Christopher Young also provides the film a fine eerie score.
October 30, 2016
Great horror compilation.
May 4, 2016
Campy... in a pretty fun way.
½ February 12, 2016
What an underrated horror movie! I like this one more than I should...
½ December 20, 2015
Tales from the Hood. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. During the second advent of blaxploitation films in the early to mid '90s, a lot of the films weren't really all that good and a lot of them had to do with the horror genre, similar to that of the origins of the blaxploitation genre in the '70s.

This film contained four short stories and a main story, similar to like just about every other anthology film. A lot of these usually contain a bunch of medicore short stories. In this case, two of the four were stereotypical black short stories. The first story was pretty good. Second story was better. Third was boring. Fourth almost gives this film a perfect rating, it's modern gang in America take on A Clockwork Orange done in 10 minutes and not quite as torturous. Obviously, the fourth film is a 100% homage to Stanley Kubrick's crazy coming-of-age tale.

The main story is interesting and the ending is just as f'ed as with all short story films. This film was great. Very good.
½ October 22, 2015
I remember seeing this film as a teenager and decided to give it a watch just recently for nostalgia purposes. Seeing this again through the eyes of an adult really make me see it for what it is... one of the most, if not most, racist films against white people there are. The first 'tale' involves a young black officer that witnesses police brutality against a black rights activist (done by a white officer of course). The second story shows a racist senator (played by Corbin Bersen) that gets punished by getting eaten alive by a bunch of black dolls. The third tale involves a common thug gangbanger getting arrested and going through a 'process' to get "rehabilitated" which is a total rip-off of 'A Clockwork Orange' (and was it really necessary for the subject to be wearing bikini underwear with a sock stuffed in it)?. During this process, he is being shown why it is wrong to kill other black people. How about teaching him the simple fact that it's wrong to kill people PERIOD?
The entire film shines a very negative light on whites and is basically reverse racism. I have zero respect for any of the white actors involved who contributed to making this film, especially Corbin Bernsen.
October 1, 2015
It's probably not popular because it has a moral underpinning. I like it, and if you don't like this movie... fuck you mutha fuca!
September 13, 2015
Pretty good Tales From The Crypt rip off! I saw this as a kid and have enjoyed it ever since.
½ August 18, 2015
Not want to see but seen it as I became a full time horror author and it is up there with Black Sabbath -- a much darker more brutal Black Sabbath as there was an anthology film that John Ritter was in too during this era. Anthology movies are a different horse than regular horror films and need to be appreciated on it's own terms. Tales from the Darkside in 1990 was shown in my high school so you have to put this movie on the level of that one of how dark it is. Without this movie there would been no Lake Fossil Press as I was in college when it was played on cable. Bottom line it's fucking cool if you have an ability to appreciate this style of storytelling. Terry Vinson uses the frame story in his short story collections. The key element of a good horror anthology is how well the frame story is done.
½ April 25, 2015
Cheesy and corny but that's not a weak point.One time watch that you'll have a tough time remembering later.
April 6, 2015
Good....some cool violence, acting and an admittedly bravura finale.....
March 23, 2015
The theming is interesting but ultimately all of the stories are just bland rip-offs of other stories and fail to be scary or funny
February 26, 2015
Somewhat entertaining, though it was racist trash that constantly made the White man look like the villain and I felt as dumb as an Ebonic educated hoodrat after it ended...
February 11, 2015
I remember this movie. I thought it was a very creative movie that did not get the attention it deserved. And it's a shame, considering all of the other horror genres movies out there that get green lit by Hollywood and sucks like Hell.

Rusty kicked Arse on the script.
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