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½ February 22, 2018
meh maked me fall asleep boring
½ January 29, 2018
while the story is predictable and generic to a fault thanks to some impressive visuals,some solid musical numbers and a knockout performance from Donna Murphy kept the film together.
½ January 19, 2018
Stunning film, great fun adventure. As much as I enjoy Rapunzel's bubbly character, I give Flynn Rider credit as one of the best male characters Disney has given us in the past decade. Great movie.
January 15, 2018
a really cool Disney movie that was surpassed by frozen but nice to see Disney hitting its stride again
½ December 28, 2017
Tangled is not just an underrated Disney film, it's a underrated film in general. The humor is funny, the characters are lovable, and the animation is fantastic making this a film children and adults will enjoy.
½ December 27, 2017
A really great Disney fantasy film that no one was expecting. Much better than the likes of Frozen or the live-action Beauty and the Beast, or any other movie starring Josh Gad for that matter.
December 26, 2017
Not the best disney/pixar movie out there but its still acceptable. Its very funny:)
December 24, 2017
Despite the horrible last-minute name change, "Tangled" has the wonderful Disney magic of old! (namely, good characters in a good plot that reaches a good climax without being overly cheesy).

Now why is this film great? First, each character feels like they have their own individual personality and meshes well with the other personalities. EVEN THE HORSE is a likeable character, a stupid horse that in most disney films would just be a couple of throwaway jokes--he's got some genuine laughs and even a bit of a slight character arc. The romance is believable and given time to develop and grow, the villain is a good villain and very imposing/threatening, the plot is clever in incorporating a reason for Rapunzel to be in the tower as well as tying in the end scenes with that same purpose. Most of the songs are fine, and there's one or two that are genuinely lovely and great plot/character development as well. It's just a solid, well crafted film.

I only have two nitpicks for the film: The villain brothers weren't really necessary (probably added to give the villain side a more "physical" threat?) and the knife didn't have any blood. But that's nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking, this was such a great film and started Disney's revival for good reason.
½ December 22, 2017
Definitely one of Disney's best films.
½ December 19, 2017
Puntaje Original: 7.0

Divertida y emocionante. Tangled cuenta con entrañables personajes, una inspiradora historia con un gran mensaje que tocará el corazón de grandes y chicos.
December 15, 2017
Charming, funny, and entertaining. One of Disney's most underrated films!
½ November 28, 2017
Puntaje Original: 7.0

Divertida y emocionante. Tangled cuenta con entrañables personajes, una inspiradora historia con un gran mensaje que tocará el corazón de grandes y chicos.
November 18, 2017
Tangled may be far from the best Disney movie, but it's also far from a bad one. In fact, it's a great one for several reasons. It's visuals, characters, songs, and basically everything else that makes a Disney movie great. There are definitely movies with better stories than this movie's, but it's exceptional. While it's funny, it's also got some very heartwarming and sad scenes. I feel like this is one of the most simple Disney movies. There isn't anything super crazy or out of the ordinary, just a very simple movie that works. It's an 8.5 out of 10. It may not compare to the likes of How to Train your Dragon, and especially Toy Story 3, but it's still a fun, and great movie that many people will enjoy.
November 14, 2017
The Greatest Disney movie since Beauty and the Beast.
November 13, 2017
I had never watched this movie because I thought it seemed like a childish but when I watched it, I loved this sweet story which is "Tangled." It has a big popularity in the Walt Disney Pictures. We can see it from this movies achievement. It is nominated a lot of awards. For example, Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Anny Award. And also, they awarded in animation section of National Movie Award. It is the 50th Disney animated feature film and it comes from Grimm's Fairy Tales "Rapunzel." It has some differences between Grimm's' Fairy Tales and Walt Disney Movie. In the book version, the main character is an ordinary person but in the movie version, she is a princess. Moreover, story's contents are little bit changed so one of the pleasures is comparing both stories and you should not miss the "Magical powers" meaning of two stories it is a keyword of this story.

I really like this movie story and main character; Rapunzel. When I watched this movie, I was tired because it keeps me suspense and I have a lot of different emotion: excitement, funny, lovely, sadness...etc started the story to the end every watching time because I empathy for Rapunzel who always changes feelings.
This story shows true love and having me curiosity. The main character Rapunzel has magical long blond hair. This hair has a magic which can cure any kind of injury. There are many people who want to get her magic therefore the outside world is very dangerous. Rapunzel is told this by her mother: Mother Gothel so, she living in tall tower rise in deep forest. However, Rapunzel is interested in outside world. In every her birthday, thousands of lights appear in the night sky. She wanted to know what are the lights, so she starts adventure with her small friend and one thief; Flynn Rider. This man is a big thief who wanted from the kingdom. At the first, their relationship is only trading partner but they will fall for each other as the story unfolds. In this amazing and wonderful trip, she is growing up, so we can see her growth.
You might think, this audience is a child. Yes it is not a mistake. This movie is good for children as an education because they can learn courage and honesty. However not only children, we can enjoy with them. As I said when I watched this movie, I always tired because I have a lot of emotion in only 100 minutes. This means you will be laughing, angry, sad...etc so it is good for a change. Furthermore, this movie song is awesome. You may cannot forget after hearing these songs once.
I want to recommend you this movie because it is good to have a refresh time. You can see and feel various worlds.
November 12, 2017
Watched this as part of our pre-Disneyworld series. A perfect study break movie: funny, heartwarming, happy ending. Plus some big themes like growing up, staying true to self, seeing the good in the world. Soundtrack is pretty decent also. Fav character is of course Maximus the gallant horse. Brilliant twist at the end. All in all one of my favourite animated films!
October 5, 2017
I was just the right age for this movie so I guess that makes me a bit biased but I really did injoy the even now so yeah lol
September 15, 2017
Best Disney princess film. I'm not a fan of these films (regarding the princess stuff) but the amount of charm this film has is what saves it for me. It also has some depth that even surprised me at times. Easily my favorite Disney princess movie and worth a watch
½ September 9, 2017
With gorgeous and very unique animation that mixes traditional and computer animation with the style of Jean-Honore Fragonard's paintings, a very good soundtrack with a couple of terrific songs such as I See the Light and I've Got a Dream and many memorable, heartfelt moments, Tangled truly is a modern Disney classic. It is touching, it is also very funny and highly romantic and enchanting. But the reason why it works so well lies in its characters: Rapunzel is so wonderful and one of my favorite Disney Princesses, Flynn Rider is a lot of fun and Mother Gothel is so menacing, manipulative and smart that she's one of Disney's finest villains. It is ultimately the best Disney movie of the 21st century so far and so much better than either 'Zootopia' or 'Frozen'.
September 6, 2017
Heres what I like. Tangled is visually stunning, has good comedy (I love when Maximus the horse is on screen), a very smart story set up (Rapunzel's backstory) and though I think the songs is one of the weaker points of the film, I do like "Now that I see you", its a nice, sweet, romantic song.
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