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½ January 6, 2015
A slightly above average Tarzan film with Lex Barker giving the jungle hero a more youthful appearance in his second outing following on from Johnny Weissmuller.
December 26, 2013
Rather bland offering on the Tarzan series. Lex Barker was a poor sub for Weissmuller to be honest
April 19, 2013
Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950) -- [6.0] -- A secret civilization is dying of a mysterious disease, so they start kidnapping women to repopulate! Lex Barker swings into action in his second outing as Tarzan, determined to rescue Jane (Vanessa Brown) and a lustful, headstrong nurse (Denise Darcel) from the kidnappers. Cheeta the Chimp's antics are thankfully kept to a minimum (though he does get drunk in a scene) and Darcel's performance is wonderfully kooky and over-the-top (think Charo on steroids). Brown is dull in her single outing as Jane, and the climax relies on help from the elephants... again. But Barker's good, the action is well-paced, and for a serial matinee sort of movie, it ain't half-bad. Favorite scene is a ridiculous cat-fight between Darcel and Brown.
December 27, 2011
Typical Tarzan stuff with lost city, lion pit, machetes in the jungle, etc. However, this gets 4 stars for the performance of Denise Darcel as the French firecracker nurse Lola who steals the movie away from Tarzan, Jane, and the tiresome Cheeta. Darcel looks like she could beat up everyone in the film, Lex Barker's Tarzan included. She has a real French accent thicker than Pepe Le Pew, and always speaks her mind, even telling Jane she better keep an eye on Tarzan when Lola is around. She also get points for being the only pre-1970s woman to do anything useful in a fight with a man in a movie. Looking Darcel up on the IMDB, I see that supposedly she rejected the advances of Howard Hughes and Columbia Pictures head Harry Cohn, and that was that. She ended up as a card dealer in Vegas.
July 10, 2011
Lex Barker may have looked the part to play Tarzan after the one and only Johnny Weissmuller, but, the actress playing Jane is low-rent. It could have been worse.
March 14, 2011
Not as sexy as the title would suggest, despite featuring a girl fight between Jane and the slave girl. Jane rarely gets to do much in these other then be kidnap bait so it's a nice surprise. Other then that, it's more of the same.
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