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May 21, 2016
A very engaging dark comedy that simultaneouslydelights and horrifies with its portrait of the worst character traits a human can have. In another life, Tatie must have been a serial killer and thoroughly enjoyed herself while wreaking havoc upon other people's lives.
A must see before you die.
August 26, 2015
This film is a truly dark film. The film follows an old woman, who uses and manipulates her own family, to get what she wants. The characters are hilarious, the acting especially from Tatie Danielle is amazing,you'll be laughing the whole way through!
March 21, 2015
Grumpy old woman enjoys making other people's lives a misery except on rare occasions when she does something nice. Repeat for 2 hours.
June 15, 2014
Ahah ce film !! 15 ans apres toujours aussi agacant. Une envie de la baffer cette vieille. Esperons qu'on ne soit pas comme ca quand on sera vieux.
November 26, 2013
Just how evil an old ladt can get ? Watch this..
May 25, 2013
A masterpiece or how to hate an old women
April 2, 2013
This is one of my all time great favorite dark comedies. An embittered old crone who's only pleasure is sowing discord and chaos wherever she goes while taking the fine art of passive aggression to levels rarely ever approached by anyone else. She disrupts her nephew and his family's lives to the point of driving them to an escape holiday in Greece while hiring a caregiver in the form of a young woman with just as big a chip on her shoulder as life goes. Eventually they form an uneasy respect for one another.
December 2, 2012
A must see if you're into French films, truly hilarious.
August 2, 2012
I need to get this movie on BLU RAY OR DVD!
July 26, 2012
Sounds more horrific than comic!

However, its a situation most can relate to...
...I am surely going to watch it the first oppurtunity I get!
February 8, 2012
One of the best black comedies I have ever seen.This old lady is just totally evil! The film was uproariously funny, with lots of little side vigniettes that added to the theme that real life is often just plain ludicrous. In spite of the language barrier some things are universal and it comes out in this gem of a film. Ends on a wonderful note.
October 1, 2011
The characterisation in this movie is wonderful. The work of Tsila Chelton and Isabelle Nanty onscreen is powerful.
½ August 19, 2011
charming and ever so black! Loved it
May 11, 2011
You've got to love evil granny! It's a very charming film.
February 23, 2011
this movie is so funny!!
February 11, 2011
A true French delicacy... Enjoy!
October 8, 2010
Something of a cult classic in France, this nasty little black comedy is very simple but effective. An evil, manipulative (and possibly clinically insane) old lady treats everyone around her like crap in order to either get her own way or just have her sadistic fun with them. Everything goes fine for her as she tortures her family until she finally meets her match.

Worth seeing if only for this one scene where she gets slapped in the face, which is MONUMENTALLY amazing on so many levels, Tatie Danielle is a dark and fun treat for those with a slightly twisted sense of humour.
½ February 28, 2010
The story of a mean old bitch. It has a particular resonance with me at the moment lol. Very well put together film.
½ September 18, 2009
One of the best movies I've recently watched. Hilarious, mean and lovely. A delightful dark comedy.

Pauvre chien...
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