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½ June 22, 2017
Even as a TMNT megafan, this film is downright bad.
June 20, 2017
And this is where it went wrong

½ March 15, 2017
Just as bad as Secret of the Ooze but hey at least it has Tarzan Boy so there's something.
March 6, 2017
Why are the turtles looking worse and worse
½ January 17, 2017
A lot of things went wrong with this one, but could be worse, and even now I can still tolerate a sit through of it.
½ October 21, 2016
I'm going to disagree with the current critical consensus on this one. I was very skeptical after TMNT 2, but this one is so much better! It is a totally different storyline from the first but still manages to capture the same fun spirit, without the tiresome stupidity that tainted the second. I liked it.
½ June 25, 2016
I now people say TMNT III sucks but the movie is on Netflix the movie to me is great and all the only problem is that the voices for some of the Ninja Turtles are change. The story is great and all but just one prolem with that IT'S THE SAME PLOT AS TMNT 4: TURTLES IN TIME!!!!!!!!! and that is my review on TMNT III
June 16, 2016
Unintentional hilarity ensues at every turn, but TMNT 3 hardly has any action, and what action it does have is laughably bad. It also doesn't help that much of the plot and writing is astoundingly bad.
½ June 3, 2016
I don't know why people have a problem with dark Ninja Turtles. Anyway, the third movie isn't ' Good.' but at the same time, its not ' Bad' either. Yeah, there are plot holes so big you can literally fall in them. But the one plot hole i really can't rap my head around is at 10:00 minutes in the movie, there is a scroll with a picture of four turtle warriors. Did the very past predict a future when the turtles would go back in time to save a moment in the past? Who even wrote the scroll to begin with and why is it never mentioned to the turtles? Its time traveling movies like this that make me wish the Doctor would travel back and fix everything, so everything can become clear. If you can cross-over Power Rangers with the Ninja Turtles, then why not make a Doctor Who cross-over? It just might be less painful to watch. ' Might.'
½ May 11, 2016
The worst of the live action series (movies and tv show) but still watchable. Not completely horrible, but it definitely has a lot of problems
April 25, 2016
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993) ??
The four mutant reptiles are back, this time lost in ancient Japan. Before they return, however, they help a small village in an uprising. In other words, "Four Samurai". Inoffensive, but to anyone who's not a ninja turtle fan, this one's a real yawn.
January 30, 2016
Race against time, "SCEPTERS" and ancient ninja's meet new aged mutants, gone good? Whom pose as demons...... Guess they are what you make em' out to be. Great lesson for kids to to understand acts of bravery and overcoming the darker side of supernaturalism.
January 29, 2016
I don't know what it is but this movie annoys me, a lot. Unnecessary cash grab (that probably didn't even grab much cash). This didn't even feel like a ninja turtles story.
January 21, 2016
The new costumes of the turtles are....eh, wish they went back to the original costumes, but the movie isn't bad, it's just not as good as the first two movies. The villain is a British guy, really, the turtles are fighting a British guy. Overall the movie is ok.
January 11, 2016
The third (and thank god the last) movie in the TMNT franchise ended up being even worse than the second installment. The acting is awful, the costumes look horrible, and the story just flaws. Completely forgettable.
½ January 6, 2016
After two films so close together, even a longtime fan like me can feel fatigue when you approach the third go round.

This time every quality that the first possessed and the second tried to hold onto is lessened. The impressive fx by Jim Henson's co. is replaced with painfully obvious second rate work by "All FX Company". The turtles trade their organic look for straight up rubber. You can even see the eye holes where the stunt guys see thru. Fx done on the cheap and looks terribly fake.

The directing is flat and uninteresting, but the sets and locations are lavish enough. What does work is the returning cast of the four turtles. They're humorous without overdoing it. If anything they're more mello which I find refreshing. Elias Koteas is fun, but kind of useless in the film. Sadly all the familiar villains of the cartoon are not used and a welcome return of Shredder is also absent. What we get is a euro cheesy turn by the consistently effective Stuart Wilson who just isn't as much fun as the villain of this movie.

Overall, it is entertaining for fans with mello humor and toned down surfer banter, but the allure is tired, the story is a bit too whimsical, and the whole look of the film is noticeably lower budget. The weakest of the 4 films. A cg animated film follows in 2007.
½ January 3, 2016
La tercera entrega de la franquicia de "Las Tortugas Ninja" mejora ligeramente si se compara con la ridícula segunda parte. Aquí, las tortugas viajan en el tiempo para ayudar a unos aldeanos japoneses, copiando la historia de "Los Siete Samurai" de Kurosawa. El tono moralista y el humor infantil, hacen que los irreverentes cómics creados por Kevin Eastman y Peter Laird queden definitivamente en el olvido.
½ December 26, 2015
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½ December 23, 2015
The movie was terrible worst teenage mutant ninja turtles movie ever no shredder don't see it
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