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½ May 30, 2011
Okay, it's not the best film, nor the funniest, nor the one with the most drama or action. It is however, a good film. In it, William Haines is trying to use the Marines to pay for his trip to the 'Tia Juana' (Tijuana) horse races. Howver, Sergeant O'Hara, played by Lon Chaney, manages to get him to enlist. For four years they go though many adventures, and along the way Haines' character even falls in love with the same nurse (played by Eleanor Boardman) that O'Hara is in attracted to. Okay, some of the dialogue is a little dated, and the acting occasionally goes over the top. However, some of the words seem like they were written today, and I could feel the emotions the actors tried to display. I kept laughing and commenting all the way through the movie like the good comedies today sometimes do. It's a good film, even though not the best.
May 29, 2011
good lon chaney rah rah need i say more?
½ November 16, 2009
Though this movie actually stars William Haines, it's fun seeing Lon Chaney as a hero without makeup. For the most part, it's a romantic comedy with the two competing for Eleanor Boardman's affections. Not a classic but a fun pic from the twenties.
June 24, 2009
A movie that will live in your head forever! Tell It To the Marines is an outstanding romance, comedy, war film, and drama. It is silent but that does not stop the power that comew with it. The plot is incredible and the acting (specifically Lon Chaney) is amazing. Anybody with a heart and a brain will love this movie. "I think i'll join the Marine Corps" is what you'll be thinking after watching this.
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