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Tembo: The Legendary Howard Hill Reviews

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September 14, 2013
Just watched this classic tonight. It is a bit dated in the commentary and filmography. But the wildlife and archery shots are all real, and they all are legendary shots. I HIGHLY recommend this movie for anyone, especially if they are interested in archery or are an archer themselves. Some of Howard's shots are so effortless and precise on a scale i have never seen. DEFINITELY a movie to put in the collection.
September 29, 2011
I saw this movie several years ago, and while some things seem corny by todays standards, we have to realize this movie's older than most of the people who're on this forum. He was one of the greatest bow hunters ever. Used a LONG bow with a draw weight (light one) of ONLY 85 lbs (most of todays bow hunters could not draw that bow). The heavy bow he shot the Elephant with had a draw weight of a 115 or 120 lbs. Essentially none of todays hunters would be able to pull the bow string back. Also, being a long bow, it was not held and sighted. You had to draw and shoot right now. Considering the time the movie was made, I think it is very good. Also has another short movier with it showing him shooting from laying on his back, etc., at rolling ping pong balls, etc. Somthing no modern bow shooter will ever duplicate.

Anyway, taking into consideration when it was made, etc. It's a very good movie.
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