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½ December 23, 2010
Intriguing yet kind of bizzare take on Shakespeare's classic tale.
October 28, 2006
Really boring, very uninvolving and the movie does not have much going for it. There are some decent costumes, but the period detail in general is not very good. The cast gives their best shot, but it's not enough to overcome the bad script. It's just stupid. VERY loosely based on the Shakespeare play.
September 25, 2005
I watched this in College Prep English because we're reading the book The Tempest and our teacher liked this version. It was pretty interesting even though I'm not usually into Civil War era movies but this had modern day language, humor, and good actors. I loved the part where Ariel's mother shoves up in the fire and the look on his face basically said *in Chris Rock voice* "holy shit ma! you on fire!" All in all, it was decently done even though critics hated it.
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