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½ September 20, 2014
Inspirations! Vocal performances are stunning.
February 9, 2013
Actually really well done! Strong voices and Val did a good job, although Aaron and Ramses II were the strongest
April 17, 2012
got this on netflix, waiting for it, and for one reason only, ADAM LAMBERT! surprised that there are no comments about him thus far on the reviews
May 17, 2011
Oh, Val Kilmer, how far you've come. You rose from obscurity in the 80s to be quite the screen icon in flicks like 'Top Gun' and 'Willow', then had a successful run in the 90s taking on larger than life characters like Batman and Doc Holliday with moderate success. Then things got rocky. A few hits here and there, but nothing earth-shattering. Now, I realize this musical stage production of a revered film might have special meaning to you considering your vocal performance as Moses in 'The Prince of Egypt', but it wasn't really your cup of tea, was it? Look, your singing voice isn't horrible, but you just don't have the charisma as some of your co-stars. I mean, even though Adam Lambert's voice is totally irritating, you have to give him some credit for bravado. Honestly, the only memorable performers are Alisan Porter and Nita Whitaker - they've both got the goods. But there were no songs that were catchy - and the final number was just too clichÚ. And there was just too much flamboyance going on. Some of the dance numbers were fairly well choreographed, but some were just over the top weird. Look, Val, you had such potential, I'm not really sure what happened. Maybe it's your agent, maybe you're tired. I'm not sure, but I wish you'd be a little pickier about your movies - or in this case, your choice of stage productions.
January 10, 2011
I rented this for the sole reason that Adam Lambert from American Idol played the role of Joshua in it. While Adam's few songs were extremely impressive, the rest of the production was mostly boring. The music is good, but the voices singing it, not so much. The effects were cheesy and almost painful to watch a few times. However, having said all that, it's worth seeing simply for Adam Lambert's performance of "Is Anybody Listening."
February 23, 2010
Sounds awesome, and Adam Lambert is in it so I gotta see it!!
December 27, 2009
I own this musical and it is amazing! although. I could do w/out raamses!!!! u suck Kevin earely
December 7, 2009
I LOVE THIS! Val and Adam Lambert are so good. I watch this all the time! Val can really sing.
½ October 28, 2009
please listen song from Val Kilmer and Adam Lambert
August 22, 2009
Adam Lambert is amazing! I'd watch it just to see him belt out "is anybody listening"
August 18, 2009
Ohhh my god... Do you see that everybody!?!? That's right my boi Adam Lambert is in this!! I have heard him sing the "is anybody listening" and it is beautiful! I'm so excited I HAVE to see the whole thing!
June 15, 2009
I saw little pieces and they were so great, I'd love to see the rest.
June 8, 2009
No redeeming qualities at all. Stupid fat dumb crap.
June 2, 2009
Adam Lambert is hott!!!!!
½ June 1, 2009
Alors franchement... je suis encore sous le choque. ils ont d├ętruit l'┼?uvre de Chouraqui et d'Obispo!!!!
May 29, 2009
i would love to see this, it has my american idol in it!
May 19, 2009
i thought it was good not that bad.........adam was in it
May 13, 2009
adam's in it, of course its gonna be great!
½ April 28, 2009
Robert and Elizabeth still holds the record for worst musical in the world, but this one might be a close second. The premise has been done before, both in the actual movie The Ten Commandments and, more recently, in The Prince of Egypt, which is a far superior musical movie. The music is unoriginal and somewhat aimless. The lyrics try unsuccessfully to mesh ancient biblical language with current pop phrases and awkward metaphors that occasionally sound like they work but don't mean anything. On top of that, there are the bizarre costumes and the completely unnecessary special effects (excuse me... WHY does the initial Pharaoh glow? Does Ramses not get the glow because he's not special enough? Did Moses make the glow leave?).

There is one bright light at the end of the tunnel, though. The performers are all (with the exception of Val Kilmer) PHENOMENAL. There's the spectacular Adam Lambert, most recently famous for being an American Idol contestant, playing Joshua. Musical theater veterans Lauren Kennedy and Kevin Earley are as spectacular as their bizarre songs will let them be in their roles as the princess and Ramses. Alisan Porter plays Miriam and has simply amazing vocals. Graham Phillips, the recent star of the Broadway show "13," even shows up as a young boy who sings the ten commandments themselves to the Israelites.

So... the musical is terrible. Awful. Complete nonsense. But if you like good singing, this is a fairly brilliant collection of fantastic singers. Just close your eyes and listen to the music instead of watching the nonsense going on on stage. The entire star and a half goes to the cast.
April 14, 2009
except for Val Kilmer's singing, I really enjoyed this play. Although I do give credit to Kilmer, he did good playing Moses. His singing just wasn't up to par with everyone else.
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