The Tenant Reviews

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March 8, 2004
Roman Polanski's key error is almost certainly casting himself in the lead, as he is not an adept enough thespian to pull of the challenging transformation of his character.
February 3, 2004
It's an exercise in urban paranoia and mental disintegration that echoes or anticipates everything from Repulsion and Rosemary's Baby to Bitter Moon and The Pianist.
September 5, 2003
The Tenant is Polanski at his funniest, and its humor is premised on its excess. You can think of it as a staring contest where your opponent is dressed in wild drag.
July 20, 2003
July 3, 2003
A masterpiece of anguish.
June 28, 2003
The Tenant isn't so much a psychological portrait of grief as it is an unnerving acknowledgement of the ambiguous nature of the world.
June 26, 2003
June 25, 2003
The Tenant's mysteries are thick indeed.
May 24, 2003
Tense and stylish psychological thriller riddled with flashes of black humour.
January 30, 2003
November 7, 2002
The Tenant gets my vote as the most disturbing film Polanski has ever made.
January 1, 2000
The end result is somewhere between Franz Kafka and William Castle, but still worth seeing.
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