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½ December 16, 2013
A pretty slow burner, not filled with action but many neat shots. A world far, far away from my own - goats, outdoor camping, deserted nature and primitive lifestyles makes it more interesting. This film had a lot of potential, but it's a bit flat and never grips me. There are probably some parallels or hidden meanings here that I don't get.

It reminded me of the amazing "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia" at times, but this debut film is no way near that caliber yet, but the director may got what it takes. Emin Alper just needs to make this, rather good story, more interesting, he's got the visual stuff on lock so he is a man to look out for.

I recently saw another 2012 film with almost the same translated title, Mungiu's "Beyond the Hills". They must not be mixed though, the other flick was far better for me.

5,5 out of 10 triggers pulled.
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