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February 25, 2009
Terminal Invasion is your standard (but better than usual) Sci-Fi Channel movie about a group of people stuck in a rural airport during a blizzard with aliens that have taken human form. To make matters more difficult, the group must follow a convicted murderer on death row (the awesome Bruce Campbell) and try to figure out who is alien and who isn't. Pretty standard fare, but it is slightly better than the rest of the muck, thanks in part by Campbell's presence as he plays his convicted murderer character like any other character, full of wisecracks and dashingly handsome. That being said, you'll have to rely on him the most for entertainment as the rest of the cast is pretty bland. The special effects (when shown) are decent as they rely mostly on prosthetics and actual effects rather than an overabundance of CGI. This film is also helped by being directed by none other than Sean S. Cunningham, director of Friday the 13th. The music is also better than average because they've tapped Harry Manfredini (composer for several Friday the 13th films) to compose the soundtrack. Pretty good popcorn flick.
February 20, 2009
A great Bruce Campbell movie that will probably never see the light of day.
½ February 7, 2009
a well made sci fi Bmovie.
Bruce Cambell is acting!!!
January 1, 2009
Bruce Campbell meets The Thing from another world with The Fugitive. One of his greatest movies compared to Army of Darkness.
December 4, 2008
Any Bruce Campbell movie is going to be a low scoring movie. He's the King of CRAP!

This is no different. Not all the acting was bad but the writing was freakin' HORRIBLE!

A guy is holding a gun, 2 kids start to change into killer aliens. The guy with the gun runs away. Are you kidding me? He doesn't fire at them? They are going to kill him and he doesn't shoot them? Why does he even have the gun then? It makes NO sense whatsoever.

The whole movie contains scenes like that one that make no sense.
November 3, 2008
What can I say? Bruce is GOD
Super Reviewer
October 21, 2008
The presence of Campbell uplifts this otherwise lackluster film.
September 29, 2008
hmmm...how to discribe this one....think....the thing with no money made from the guy who did the first friday the 13th movie and of course the great bruce campbell as a outlaw on the run... its...yeah its cheesy as fuck.....but its fun cheese!
September 21, 2008
Disappointing, for a Bruce Campbell movie.
September 10, 2008
This was good for a TV movie
½ August 13, 2008
Det første vi legger merke til er uvanlig krispt bilde! Bra.
Bruce Campbell er med, det, pluss at det handler om no overnaturlig, gjorde at jeg kjøpte den. (pluss at den var billig)
Filmen var egentlig overraskende bra.. Noen scratchy effekter her og der, men alt i alt god underholdning. Og ja, sant det, Sean S Cunningham er regissør. (skaper'n av Fredag den 13.)
July 5, 2008
Sean S. Cunningham is a HACK! Even Bruce Campbell cannot save this one
June 18, 2008
Good Brucie movie. Well worth a watch delivers what you expect from Campbell.
May 25, 2008
I love Bruce Campbell. It's as easy as that.
May 23, 2008
Cunningham and Campbell's Sci-Fi Channel special is weakly written, atrociously acted, disastrously directed and all together terminal.
½ May 22, 2008
Again Bruce Campbell Is The Only Reason To See It And He Makes The Movie.
April 29, 2008
Can be seen on the Sci-Fi channel and stars Bruce Campbell. My mother always warned me that this is what would happen if you stumbled upon an alien training mission . . .
April 22, 2008
LOVED IT! Aliens that look like the farting creatures from Doctor Who...that can take on human form. When killed they melt into a pile of goo then evaporate. Very amusing movie, Bruce Campbell as usual has great lines and delivers them flawlessly. This is a fun movie, not meant to be taken seriously just a fun way to waste an hour aand half.
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