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January 5, 2016
A needless sequel that only repeats the formula of the one before, with unstoppable (and even tiring) action for those who enjoy seeing cyborgs destroying an entire city - and it is easy to notice how it ruins the continuity of the series.
January 1, 2016
There are some awesome effects, decent characters, and action, but it does come off feeling like a retread of the much-superior previous installment. That doesn't mean it isn't a fun ride, but this one comes off less memorable and a little more dated.
December 29, 2015
Well it is a major disappointment from 2 and feels like it toke more elements from 1 the villain is terrible also some plot elements do not work and we lack an emotion connection between the terminator and John film doesn't even try to lake there first encounter emotional that be side Arnold still shines and really is holding the film even provides the emotional that the others are lacking also to film Does set up Jon perfectly but fails to used it further along other then those problems there is still enjoyment in this film and some of the action sequences aren't bad but doesn't compare to t 2
December 27, 2015
This film added nothing apart from dollars into the production companies coffers. It didn't move the story on at all, if watching the series, avoid this one.
½ December 26, 2015
the plot is weak,performances are tragic but there is a lot of action and no awfull CGI
December 23, 2015
Some people say that Terminator Salvation is the worst Terminator film, but I would have to give that title to Terminator 3. The reason? Terminator Salvation doesn't matter; its story and repercussions make so little an impact that if you choose to you can ignore it's existence entirely, in fact Terminator Genesis not only ignores the events of Salvation but directly contradicts them (thank god), though the same can't be said for this film. It is essential to the existence of all the latter films in the franchise and so cannot be ignored, that is at least without the acknowledgement of a major plot hole. The film lets down the franchise in the regard of theme & moral, and ultimately T3 as an individual film fails in its inconsistent pacing, wooden acting, faulty logic, and least advertised: poorly constructed soundtrack.
December 19, 2015
The first bad terminator movie because the creators openly admitted they hated the first two, which they are totally wrong! They are lucky I give them 2 stars because this the least bad out of the three bad ones.
½ December 17, 2015
This is where the Terminator series went very wrong; it's a dreadful hack of a movie, trying too hard to be funny. Endless action while light on plot, this movie is rank. I despise it, didn't enjoy watching it. Salvation was far better. If you skip this movie, you don't miss anything crucial.
December 16, 2015
this (in my opinion) is the best terminator sequel since judgement day
December 5, 2015
Did Michael Bay direct this movie? It's fun, but is the definition of big, dumb action movie.
½ November 30, 2015
I loved T3 when it came out, especially as it was in a time when multiple sequels were still a rarity. It got a lot of flak for being less than perfect, which was common for sequels of that time (MIB II or The Lost World, for example). Nowadays, with trilogies being greenlit regularly, I think it would have a fairer chance of judgement.

Of course, T3 is not as good as T2. No sequel could be. What I loved was the plot arc and familiar world it took us back to. Not just that, but Arnold was still at the top of his game, and it was a good note to go out on. He brought an excellent performance to a film that would have probably failed without him.

The problems? It copies too much of the source material and tries to be bigger and more badass. Instead of a semi truck chase, we get a mobile crane. Instead of a guy stabbed through the eye, we get a fist through the chest. Instead of a helicopter and a small truck, we get two planes duking it out. It's obvious that T3 was designed to be familiar but more bombastic, and that's fine. But it loses something in that goal, namely the introspective feel that T1 and T2 created.

I would still argue that Arnold's strong performance saves the movie, as well as an excellent finale. Many argued that T3 betrayed the spirit of the series, but I think it was an inevitable conclusion. Of course, now that two more films exist in the series, it remains to be seen where Terminator will finally end.
½ November 26, 2015
Disappointing compared to the first two.
November 24, 2015
This unnecessary sequel is pretty much bad all across the board. At times it plays it for laughs, laughs that never really work, and it has far more plot conveniences and contrivances than the previous two. Someone has to fly a plane, so a character just says "I grew up flying planes!" or something...of course you did, the plot needs it right now! The T-X sucked, completely bland and non scary in every scene. Two sequences worked for me, only two, the big truck chase sequence was really good, and the final moments after Judgement Day had arrived. If you are going to rewrite history and say that Judgement Day wasn't averted just delayed, then at least you have to make the day it arrives work...and I feel like they did.
November 21, 2015
After Terminator 2, the franchise could only go down. T3 is disappointing, yet ultimately just an average movie. It isn't awful as some people would tell you, but it does have many flaws. Arnold is great again, the action and score is good, and it is never really boring. However, it does have boring main characters, a weak villain, and is filled with an overall sense of pointlessness. It doesn't add anything spectacular to the Terminator franchise. The only thing unique about this movie is that the Terminator villain is a girl. OOOOOOH SO UNIQUE! It is also unique in it's ending, yet the ending leaves you feeling like watching the movie was pointless. The directing is good, the writing is fine, and the acting is passable, yet I was never attached to any of the boring characters. The movie is enjoyable, and much better than Salvation and Genisys. However, it doesn't come close to T1 and T2. 6.5/10
½ November 20, 2015
Although not as in dept as the previous two films; Terminator 3 gives still entertainment and a good follow up story line the keeps the franchise going. thus making this film satisfying to watch. In the end. the third installment isn't on par with the previous ones, but it's decent enough for fans to enjoy.
November 12, 2015
So people prefer terminator 3 but not Genisis,.. At first I thought rotten tomatoes was good place to see score on movies, but lately I see good movies scored average while shitty ones uped up wtf ? and dont get me wrong I have quite fond taste for movies, I watch it , see how character development , story, sp effect , music score, uniqueness goes... I just dont get the people
November 12, 2015
'terminator 3' is an egregious, one-note mimicry of schwarzenegger's most famous role. it promulgates the franchise's idiosyncrasies without offering anything new; the audience endures truly cornball dialogue and pap of a story. the film's ghastly puerile, forgettable action sequences isn't even worth the price of admission. stop flogging the dead horse already.
November 4, 2015
Cheap visual effects, dumb plot, and corny dialogue. It's a sequel that fails to be any good as the first two.
November 3, 2015
Ok, we're starting to see patterns developing here.

Judgment Day may not have arrived on schedule but John Connor, now a scruffy adult, is waiting patiently for any sign of trouble, moving around the country and keeping his eyes on the sky. Smart move, he obviously knows how sequels work.

T3 doesn't waste time in delivering a new batch of terminators, a pair per usual, and they quickly acquire clothes, cars, and make a beeline for their persons of interest. Lucky for them an unlikely coincidence has brought primary targets Connor and Katherine Brewster together just in time to get the action started, fancy that. From this point on Terminator 3 is merely a cycle of gratuitous vehicle theft, car chases, gun duels, and explosions. We get most of our information about the new armageddon timeline from stilted Arnold dialogue while human characters can only draw exasperated conclusions. Sound familiar?

The premise here isn't too strong. Saying that "Judgment day is inevitable" keeps the story going but the script doesn't offer much information as to how the technology destroyed in T2, which would eventually become Skynet, survives and becomes part of the US military. I mean if the designs of the terminators and airships don't change then it must be the exact same technology, right? So what happened?

The best I can say for this film is that the visual effects have stood up nicely and we get a satisfying look at the immediate origin of Skynet's global takeover. The major negatives for me are that the action scenes are WAY over the top and many elements don't make a lot of sense. The concept of a feminine terminator is an interesting variance from the other films but she doesn't come off as menacing or intimidating on screen. The audience understands that she is powerful but mostly because of the special effects utilized to showcase her abilities. She also displays human characteristics, routinely using expressions of shock, anger, and fear; this is nonsensical for obvious reasons. The catchphrase thing is overdone as well. "I'm back." "She'll be back." "You're terminated." Come on, we get it.

As a fan of the series I'm glad this film was made but I hope it's nothing worse than a weak link to better terminator films moving forward. T3 feels rushed and is mainly a vehicle for big budget violence and nostalgic catchphrases.
½ October 27, 2015
not the best arnold film and not the best terminator
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