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Terminator Genisys Quotes

  • Detective Timmons: Goddam time-travelling robots covering their tracks!
    Detective Timmons: God damn time-traveling robots covering their tracks!

  • Kyle Reese: We've got to go back,Johnny.
    Kyle Reese: We've got to go back, Johnny.
    Young John Connor: Back? Back to what?
    Kyle Reese: Back to the future.
    The Terminator: Here we go again.

  • Sarah Connor: Don't shoot pops.

  • Sarah Connor: Rule this!

  • Kyle Reese: I didn't volunteer for this shit.

  • Sarah Connor: Bite me!

  • The Terminator: Did you mate?

  • Sarah Connor: Come with me if you want to live!

  • The Terminator: John Conner talks too much.

  • The Terminator: I'll be back.

  • The Terminator: I have been waiting for you.

  • The Terminator: It is nice to meet you. Get out.

  • The Terminator: Old, but not obsolete.

  • The Terminator: I shall call it Genisys.

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