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½ October 4, 2014
The best version of Tess.
June 14, 2014
doing an essay on this. I'd say this is not what I thought it would be tbh '
February 25, 2014
I love this show. <3
August 6, 2013
its about how immoral society is and how it should be sorry and atone sin
May 5, 2013
somehow i liked this one more than the 1978 version..
April 15, 2013
this shit sucked. Fuck Tess
April 2, 2013
Great adaptation if the classic book.
November 29, 2012
I have seen both versions of this film ( I saw the one with Gemma Arterton first) then I came to this one. They both just about killed me, the author of the book that this film is derived from must have been very grim indeed. To see Tess suffer her entire life, only to get a glimmer of love and then.....argggg. I was floored. Definitely worth seeing, even more than once if you can tolerate the madness.
September 25, 2011
Muy fuerte, mucha tragedia en la vida de Tess.
Que lindo es Oliver Milburn *-*
½ April 25, 2010
I LOVE the British version made for the BBC with Gemma Arterton as TESS... the BEST!
March 6, 2010
Best adaption of the Thomas Hardy novel. Justine Waddell is fantastically beautiful!
January 24, 2010
This film is great. Specially I'm very interesting the character of TESS.......!!!!
December 17, 2009
A great movie from a great novel by Hardy!
½ December 13, 2009
like the book
½ October 13, 2009
Absolutely great. Waddell was wonderful. It was interesting to see her play more emotions than she has been able to in other movies I have seen her in. The story is heartbreaking but beautiful (and messed up).
½ July 14, 2009
The adaptation is relatively faithful to the book. It captures the main issues that Hardy wanted to touch, particularly that of social hypocrisy. Props to all the actors for making their characters real, oftentimes frustrating, and yet sympathetic. Justine Waddell did a decent as the title character, but I wished the transition from her young naivete to the adult disillusion had been a little more obvious. The feisty young Tess wasn't quite how I interpreted it from the book.
June 1, 2009
A really grim movie which was actually very beautiful to watch. The acting was fantastic.
½ May 6, 2009
AH, i love this movie + book....beautifully acted...that Flemying guy was perfect for Alec :)
March 7, 2009
I want to see this movie like SO bad !!!!
January 25, 2009
Another book for me to read..I saw this movie on Masterpiece theatre,sooo good.
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