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April 22, 2010
Flipping through channels one late friday night I stumbled upon this old classic 70's disco flix. I only stopped because Jeff Goldblum was dancing in an old leisure suit. Boy I just had to stop and take a peek.
Yes it was very corny but parts were kinda funny. A disco club set like studio 54 has jeff goldblum the owner trying to make history in his club this one wild night. Odd couples like a married couple who are out for a good time only to find themself apart with new partners....two young high school girls trying to get in the club no matter what....and a dj who booked the commadors but who have lost their instruments and have no way of making history on the radio.
Silly, funny, and a little bizare but by the end of this disco infussed music pounding ride you just might want to put on your dancing shoes and boggie on down.
½ April 14, 2010
i remember going 2 the premire of this and everyone just loved it back then now its a little dated but still a look at the era and a one time notorious nightspot Oskos disco.
½ February 5, 2010
Oh, man. Where does one begin? This movie is one of those common to the late 70s and early 80s where a bunch of odd people all descend on a specific location and comic hijinks ensue. The problem is that someone forgot to add the comic part. Extremely annoying people stand around and act really dumb while playing extra crappy disco music for an hour and a half. Eventually the Commodores come out and play a dreadful, boring song. Then the film ends. Donna Summers stumbles around, looking vaguely confused for a good portion of the film, and also sings a song which sucks. The movie is really, really bad. I can only imagine the people involved were dusted on a LOT of coke, or else there's really no excuse for this kind of shoddy work.
January 29, 2010
Now here's a blast from the past! Wow was a great movie in the 70's, but now might not be so good lol. But just wanted to say have a good weekend and THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!
January 5, 2010
Basically, a night at the Disco with Jeff Goldblum trying to seduce a married woman and a DJ anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Commodores music equipment. What is most memorable is early appearances by Blum and Winger as well as Donna Summer's huge hit Last Dance that won an academy award that year. Otherwise the dance contest, most of the music other than the aformentioned and the title song, script and acting are pretty cheesy stuff--even for the disco era. Note also Terri Nunn (of Berlin) and DeWayne Jessie (Otis Day from Animal House) make appearances.
December 3, 2009
Yes its my last dance, last dance for love!!! Okay, this film is as old as me yet I remember it scene for scene. I love it. If you love movies that take alot of characters, different things going on throughout the movie, and great music. You want to see this movie. Funny as hell even by today standards.
October 29, 2009
that was a great movie
October 23, 2009
*1/2 (out of four)

Just plain bad film about an assorted group of people flocking to a New York Disco on Friday night. There are many familiar faces here, but not a single memorable performance. The films only highlight is Donna Summer singing her Oscar winning song "Last Dance".
July 19, 2009
i always said th@ a long week...
½ July 5, 2009
Certainly one of the worst movies to ever win an Oscar. Juvenile, silly and very shallow. Rarely funny with exaggerated characters. Very dated now to boot, but even in 1978 it stunk.
July 5, 2009
Certainly one of the worst movies to ever win an Oscar. Juvenile, silly and very shallow. Rarely funny with exaggerated characters. Very dated now to boot, but even in 1978 it stunk.
April 28, 2009
The ULTIMATE DISCO movie of the 70's!
½ March 29, 2009
Please feel free to put "DC cab" and "Carwash" with this list.
January 12, 2009
It suffers from the same Altman-esque deficiency as Skatetown USA, in that there are so many characters and subplots, one struggles to find a true emotional connection to any one in particular. Should I care more about Frannie, the underage disco queen dying to win the dance contest; Nicole, the diva who just needs a shot at the big time; or Floyd, the jive turkey who may never get the Commodores' instruments to them in time?? The mind boggles...
December 28, 2008
use to love this one too when I was young. Dad use to let me stay up to watch this one too.
December 23, 2008
Sort of stupid ensemble-multiple story line - dicso movie. A young Debra Winger
December 2, 2008
"Thank God It's Friday" has the best disco soundtrack ever.. Much better than Saturday Night Fever.
You have After Dark by Patti Brooks, Romeo and Juliet"
Performed by Alec R. Costandinos, I'm Here again by Thelma Houston, not to mention Last dance by Donna Summer, just to name a few.
The story is minimal but cute..but if you were around in the disco era and went to discos this movie will take you back and make you smile .This is another movie I can watch over and over and it only becomes more endearing.
A must for disco fans or people that are curious about the late 70's early 80's club culture.
November 19, 2008
"Hey put a smile on your face!" Graced with some of the best cinematic disco tunes of '78. Patti Brookes' "After Dark" knocking the socks off most tunes of the day
½ October 21, 2008
An "American Graffiti" rip-off that is so bad that even being horribly outdated is the least of its problems. To be fair this movie was probably outdated about 1 month after it came out. The worst character is by far the Leather Man who is suppose to be cool and can dance. To say that his dancing makes Elaine on "Seinfeld" look like Fred Astaire is too nice. Keep a look out for Jeff Goldblum as a Jeff Goldblum-y like character that tries to break up a marriage between a wife and her accountant wife. This being a movie, of course the accountant is uptight & square. That is until he hits the disco and learns about livin' life! Oh, and Donna Summer is in this too if you are into that kind of thing.
September 28, 2008
This movie is all about disco and having fun with drugs, sex and disco music!! I like the movie, but some people would walk out on this movie.
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