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December 10, 2010
It was fab nothing better than it. The basement set was abousolutly the most original set ever.
December 25, 2009
This one is a little shorter because it is a TV show. I really do love That 70's Show. It is probably my favorite comedy show. I just like how it takes place in the 70's and all of the teenagers, with the circle with marjuana and the parents and the romance I thought was just really good It sort of is like Friends but with teenagers. The performances were great and I think everything about this was great. Season 1 was a great way to start the whole That 70's Show.

10 STARS!!!!!!!!!!
October 18, 2009
This is one of the greatest TV series ever. It gave birth to several of our generations best actors/actresses in Mila Kunis, Topher Grace, and Ashton Kutcher. As well as brought us a great performance from Kurtwood Smith as "Red" Foreman. For those who don't know Kurtwood Smith played Clarence Boddicker, in the fantastic 80's sci-fi classic Robocop.

And Season One of that 70's show is my personal favorite season. The episode "The Keg" is my favorite episode of all time, I have seen this season probably 50 times and still it holds the same comedic charm it's always held.

Brillaint writing, and the perfect cast, make for the perfect sit-com.
The series charm, lies in it's simplicity 5 friends and their families interacting in realistic yet, hilarious manners.

If you have never caught an episode of this great series, you probably come from beyond the stars. do yourself a favor and pick up this great and very entertaining series.
October 14, 2009
I loved this show. As a teenager growing up in the 70's I can relate to this show. I know people like the characters. I wore clothes like they have on it. I especially remember the different types of music of the 70's. This was a great show.
July 7, 2005

[b]That 70s Show
[/b]I haven't seen much of this show yet, but what I've seen is damn funny.

[b]North Shore[/b]
Well, I usually hate people saying what I'm saying now, but still... This series sucks. The plot is so pathetic. BUT I still watch it (the first and only season anyway), why? Because there are plenty of beautiful people ;) AND especially because I love Amanda Righetti (since O.C. - which btw is a great) and she's so incredibly hot.
½ March 30, 2005
Well I haven't had an entry in a bit so I thought I'd review some of the TV shows on DVD that I had finished watching this past weekend.

That '70s show season one was hilarious, and had some really great serious scenes also. I love the episode when the gang goes to the Disco and the christmas episode. The character of Steven Hyde is probably my favorite of the gang, not just because he has the same name as me, but he also has the same sense of humor, and as we see in the disco and christmas episodes, he can also be romantic. A great show, full of lots of laughs, can't wait to pick up season 2. 9/10:fresh:

C.S.I. season 4 is an easy rating for me, C.S.I. is my favorite show and season 4 didn't give the show any sense of slowing down or falling off the mark. The show manages to still create new mysterious and engaging episodes. The show also keeps the important plots that involve the characters on a regular basis, such as Sarah's love interest in Grissom, and Warrick's previous gambling problem. Still an awesome show, my fav of all time. 10/10:fresh:
December 26, 2004
[size=3][color=lime]How can you not like "That 70's Show"??[/color][/size]
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