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½ May 28, 2012
Freelance courier Bolt is hired to deliver $1 million package from Hong Kong to Mexico via Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Fred Williamson brings a touch of class to the proceedings, a star power which set him apart from other blaxploitation stars. This courier 'delivers' in all areas; one of Freddie's very best.
November 13, 2011
Fred Williamson adds a lot of badass charisma to what turns out to be a good entry into the blaxploitation genre. Cast as a courier I wasn't really expecting one of The Hammer's better films but what the film occasionally lacks Williamson more then makes up for. Showing off his kung fu 'skills' he kicks a lot of ass even w/ a marital arts showdown in its finale. He may not be a master but he has a lot of soul. He's even such a stud that he takes time to get his groove on even if his lady friend ends up dead not long after. Upper middle ground for the genre & a must for fans of Williamson. He's constantly proves that he's one cool mother-fucker & can do so much more naturally then most 'action' stars who have so much more to work w/
February 25, 2010
Fred Williamson is Jefferson Boltā??a jet setting, James Bondesque badass with telescoping sunglasses and a mastery of Kung Fu. After he brawls with some in-over-their-heads goons at an airport bathroom, Bolt begins a globetrotting investigation that brings him to an explosive karate showdown with a corrupt banker. I love the epic scope of the adventure and Williamson is perfect as the larger than life Bolt. The film runs a little long at a 103 minutes and the climax comes to a rather quick halt (more Spider ninja!), but Williamson is All Cool; Iā??d have liked to have seen more Bolt adventures. VF.
May 1, 2009
Like Jim Brown, Fred Williamson went from a successful NFL career to playing blaksplotation heroes in films like this. His character here is an international courier who is double-crossed by his employers (who turn out to be involved in a drug syndicate). So Fred decides to do what guys like him do in these movies, get revenge. Fred spends a bit of time in Los Angeles and a bit more time in Los Vegas but a lot of this movie was set (and filmed) in Hong Kong. Typically of American films set in Hong Kong, Williamson's contact on the Hong Kong police is an upper-crust Englishman who looks like he should be hailing a taxi in Trafalger Square. In 1973, 1997 and the Chinese handover was still a long way off in the future. Like all films starring Fred "Hammer" Williamson, its a bit of an acquired taste. Do not expect another ENTER THE DRAGON.
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