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July 10, 2015
Superb movie.....Nivin is awsome..... Hats off Vineeth !
February 4, 2014
excellent photography..very well taken
March 29, 2013
A view would be to look at this movie as a regular love story... nothing out of the world as you say when it comes to a story. But as a part of the audience I would say this movie is very strong in conveying the simple story in a way which makes you feel good. An extremely good movie or I would say a must watch movie which after its climax leaves you smiling. Am very happy to see a really good Malayalam movie after along time. even when the story was not extraordinary, well that is the beauty of it , its simple, plain and beautiful. a masterpiece by vineeth srinivasan
½ February 18, 2013
2.5 Stars for the music, cinematography and the witty dialogues. Nothing refreshing in the story.
December 30, 2012
a terribly boring movie!!
½ November 29, 2012
Another directional excellence from young Vineeth Sreenivasan..... Best Romantic Movie among the recent time releases........
November 22, 2012
Old wine in new bottle,but packaged very well...
½ September 29, 2012
amazing! loved the cinematography!
August 27, 2012
thattathin marayathil snehamundu ,nanmayundu ,virahamundu pinne kure pranayavum , so my rating is 4/5 .. chalachitra niroopakanmar enthu paranghalum ethoru pranaya kavyamanu .. ithu vare premichittillathavarkayi , premam ariyathe poyavarkaayi ,premam nashtappettavarkayi ....
August 23, 2012
supper love storyy all set to make changes in malayalam movie industry...luvdd itttttttttttt
August 20, 2012
Thattathin Marayathu defines a rendition that surpasses the most contemporary or avant-garde script with its sheer guiltlessness and a straight from the heart ambience. The common perceptibility while watching something conceived by a 27 year old is strongly questioned by the overall cinematic brilliance. Thattathin Marayathu may have loose ends as would any masterpiece that our industry has seen. But the fact that it elucidates the innocence concealed in an intercast love story and crafts it with a simple storyline depicting the nuances of conventional characters is purely magical. The thread is finely woven with many unpredictable and impulsive moments that literally sparks your nostalgia and creates that I may have done this feeling. The movie gently floats from a light hearted youthfulness to unperturbed romantic shores with ease and panache. The characters are well sketched and the cast delivers a sincere and candid feat. The untangling of issue towards the climax may have needed some slight nourishment. Nevertheless, the absence of a terrific storyline is often understated as it glides through the luminous performance by the entire cast, tactical and exuberant narration, Brilliant cinematography reinforced with some soul stirring scores by Shaan. Full credits to Vineeth for presenting viewers with a narrative that is not just refreshing but brimming with life
August 2, 2012
Itz Not a great one!!!! its simple and cute one :) i loved it :)
August 1, 2012
Thattathin Marayathu is a film make to fall in love with characters :)
July 29, 2012
please make me seeeeeeeeeeeee..................................................
July 27, 2012
awesome movie..... soo good that cannot express it in words..... :)
July 27, 2012
simple & superb movie awesome Cinematography
July 26, 2012
Simple but Awesome movie. You will never feel tired while watching this movie. And after watching this movie you will want to see it again. After a long time i really enjoyed a movie without a dull moment. Whole the cast was Excellent. Awesome performance by Nivin and Isha. Simple but heart touching music. Excellent dialogues and situation related comedy. A must watch!
July 26, 2012
an awsome movie !!!!!
July 23, 2012
wicked movie! must watch!
July 22, 2012
superb movie....where indian cinemas never seen before
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