Sep 4, 2010
For all the grim reality of death and danger, it's mostly a paean to brotherhood, loyalty and honor in a lost cause, with a stock company of character types bonding under fire...
Aug 14, 2010
So is the director's beef with the barefoot belligerent fundamentalist Afghans or the beefy bungling brass of the Soviet Union? Less likely any of the above, than a battle of the blockbusters showdown with Hollywood, as to whose got the bigger bull-ets.
Feb 16, 2007
The film has no real thematic ambition beyond restating the old "war is hell" adage.
Feb 16, 2007
Americanised macho-sentimental war movie about an isolated Soviet division.
Feb 14, 2007
The unquestioning lionising of Russian heroism is far from comfortable viewing, especially given the Putin regime's darkening human rights record.