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April 9, 2011
Horrible, horrible film. The normally dependable Michael Madsen also failed to deliver. DMX is looking really skinny these days... but in a wrong way. And seriously... who is this Michael Matthias guy that stars in this movie? That guy has less charisma than Sam Worthington.
March 27, 2011
*1/2 (out of four)

I have officially had it with vampire hunter films. The genre is done until someone can add something different. "the Bleeding" follows the same idiotic plot with cool looking people chasing cool looking bloodsuckers.

At least Michael Matthias looksthe part of the tough vampire hunter. He's hunting them, hoping to kill the head of the vampires (Vinnie Jones, dressed in drag) who also happend to be his brother.

Tired and overdone. Kat Von D, famous for helping to drive a stake into Sandra Bullocks marriage, makes a less than worthy acting effort. The part is blindsided by her horrendous acting.
March 25, 2011
it's a horror film of all time.
March 20, 2011
While the intro. to this movie looks good and promising, right after this ends "The Bleeding" only ends up giving u an onslaught of bad writing, bad acting, squandered bad action scenes and bad camera work. Nothing about this movie is done right. 0/10
½ March 13, 2011
Just because vampires are popular doesn't mean you can stick Michael Madsen, DMX, Vinnie Jones and Armand Assante into a film about the blood suckers and think it's a good thing.
And who the hell is Michael Matthias? He looks like a rip off of VinDiesel but sounds more like some schmuck from the Bronx. Oh, he produced the film.
Well giving yourself the lead role when you have zero acting ability is a sure way to kill an already lame story. Toss on some terrible cinematography and directing and The Bleeding is an action horror hybrid that will make you want to fall asleep... by cutting your wrists.
If I wake up with nightmares it wont be because the film was scary but because I'll be thinking about having to watch it more than once.
Super Reviewer
March 12, 2011
It had a pretty decent idea that sadly had to small a budget, bad directing and a lack of charisma from it's cast. Michael Matthias is not star material, he dosent bring anything to the table but a bad performance. Dmx......well cant act at all. Michael Madsen sadly is lazy as hell in his role. Armand Assante is the best actor of the group and think he shouldn't of stepped foot on this set. Oh my god Vinnie Jones why did you do this ? must been low on cash or just wanted to play the villain in a vampire film. Such a terrible genre piece trying to do what great films like Blade or Vampires did combining great characters with action and horror. Epic fail for the team of this trash
½ March 8, 2011
Not too bad, but Kat Von D should stick to tattoo's and looking hot. Her acting was appalling to say the least.
½ March 5, 2011
Horrible acting, bad script, bad directing=Terrible movie! Another example that big names doesn't always equal a good film. It didn't even seem like anyone was trying, with the exception of Michael Matthias and his attempt should be left to whatever else he's know for. His future in movies is bleak, at best.
March 2, 2011
It's a very low budget vampire movie. Not very good by any means. The story line started to get a little confusing. If I were u just put the movie back on the rack
February 26, 2011
Just love vamp films <3
February 23, 2011
Looks so bad I have to see it.
February 23, 2011
only because vamps are in it..
February 22, 2011
This movie looks so terrible...
February 21, 2011
my hearts bleeding....
February 21, 2011
vinnie,madsen & darkmanX, gotta b gud.
½ February 9, 2011
My god, how bad can a movie be? Totally waste of my time, only good thing was that it wasn't too long (~1h10min). The half a star comes only because of Michael Madsen.
January 1, 2011
Not the worst Film I've ever seen.Vinnie Jones is terrible though,he's just awful as the baddie,I mean geez. just horrible.
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