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June 21, 2016
One of the odder inclusions in the Criterion Collection. It's an okay example of a 1950's sci-fi monster flick. There are better examples ... a LOT of better examples. I know Criterion likes to include work from independent producers with a whiff of the auteur about them, but while this is probably Jack H. Harris's most famous productions, "4D Man" is a far better and more interesting film to highlight (along with "Equinox", which is also in the collection). Even the presence of Steve McQueen does little for this film. It's not a terrible film, but it's poorly paced and features some really terrible acting. The blob effects are nice though, and Burt Bacharach's theme song kicks ass ... remember ... it leaps and creeps and glides and slides.
½ May 4, 2016
This B-movie of the sci-fi/horror genres is plenty of goofy fun as a meteor crashes in a small town and unleashes murderous Gak upon the locals, and only the teens can stop it! Silly and cheesy, but just the right amount of cheese, with that 1950s innocent theme to keep you laughing and rolling your eyes throughout. Good fun, though not terribly deep thinking.
½ April 15, 2016
The smell of cheap fifties horror, combined with horrible acting and a abdominal glue blob monster, really sticks to your eyes like shit.
February 27, 2016
½ January 20, 2016
A cheesy and corny 50's horror film that unfortunately lacks any kind of cheesiness or corniness. With expectations high, this cult classic doesn't live up to the hype. The blob is not a threat until the last twenty minutes of the film, even then it becomes a joke. And everything in the film escalates from non-belief by the cops to total belief by some random "friends." While slightly enjoyable, the film doesn't deliver on being a cult 50's classic. The only thing I enjoyed about the film was the opening credits song. It instantly became stuck in my head. It's funny, corny and cheesy and also very misleading as a setup for rest of the film.
January 7, 2016
Awesome representation of how crappy effects were when I was a kid and how far we have come.

Shows imagination is great because suspended disbelief happens only in your head, not the screen.

It's worthy of cult title because, despite its faults, it still offered a thought provoking premise.
October 28, 2015
Just the right amount of cheese, complete with a thematically clashing opening song, stiff and hokey acting (especially from Steve McQueen) from obviously middle-age adults trying to play roles much younger than them, The Blob is the perfect "so-bad-it's-good" movie that serves as a great leaping point for newcomers to horror films (especially '50's horror films), B-grade monster and sci-fi flicks, and the teen movie.
½ October 25, 2015
While it's far from the worst installment in the horror genre, The Blob suffers miserably from its unrealistically mature performances, insubstantial direction and chortle-worthy dialogue, making for an awkward and visually disgusting B-grade sci-fi thriller that has little more going for it than its somewhat entertaining globular antagonist.
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½ September 28, 2015
First impressions for this movie are somewhat mixed to be honest, I mean seriously, what the hell is going on with that opening credits song? Great balls of ectoplasm...its like a flippin' jingle! you start to wonder if you're about to watch some kind of Disney flick about a friendly blob of jelly. The studio group that sung the tune was also called 'The Five Blobs', I'm not lying!

The plot is simple enough, the basic premise kinda being used over and over during this era. A single lonely meteor crash lands in a sleepy rural all-American town. A local man goes in for a closer inspection and ends up with his hand encased by some sentient pink goo. Eventually he is picked up by the young Steve (played by...errr Steve McQueen) and taken to the local doc. It is there that the pink goo starts to absorb people one by one, growing in mass and power. Of course no one believes Steve and his wild tales of a monster on the loose, but soon enough, after some persuasion, the townsfolk are greeted by the horrific truth.

Fun fact, the blob actually starts off grey in colour and only turns red when it starts to absorb humans, yummy! Although the blob is not in the least bit scary, it is a well crafted creature considering it is just a blob of red goo. The blob was actually a small ball of silicone that had been injected with a dye to give it its red colour. Apparently effects wizard Bart Sloane used incredibly simply techniques such as miniature sets to give the creature a sense of size, and a special gimble device to help give the creature the appearance of movement within the tiny set models. So basically at times they were just making a small, slow moving puddle, or ball, of silicone run/dribble/ooze to one side to achieve a sense of movement, almost like a thick droplet of syrup. Hanging the silicone upside down would give the effect of it rising up ready to consume its prey (remember the silicone was a very thick, slow moving, molten glass-like substance).

You can easily tell that for most of the blobs more dynamic movements, the silicone has been squeezed, pushed or blown through tight openings such as gaps under doors or vents. Then when the blob is required to retreat or change direction, the footage has been reversed giving the appearance that the goo is slipping backwards under a door or whatever. Simple yet very effective. Other more elaborate shots such as the blob attacking a diner were actually part cel animation along with rotoscoping, and the use of a black and white photo! It is impressive but an obvious effect, think of the Id monster in 'Forbidden Planet'. Amazingly there was no rear projection in the film (apparently), any shots of an actor with the blob were usually utilising clever props or just real blobs of silicone.

What is highly amusing (for me at least) is the fact that Steve McQueen is suppose to be a teenager in this movie. At the time McQueen was 27, yet he looked about 37 if you ask me. It really is quite funny to see McQueen acting like some naughty 18 year old kid sneaking out of his parents house, talking to other adults as if he were a child, and getting scolded by adults as if he were a child. The whole thing just doesn't work at all, it doesn't help that his sweetheart and other teen friends all look like they're in their mid 30's also. Plus at the start we spend ages getting involved in some pointless wishy-washy street racing sequence, seriously it goes on for like...ten minutes, and is completely pathetic. I suppose its to show McQueen's character as a bit of a bad boy that no one trusts, but its so lame. Love how all the teens are so smartly dressed too, its like watching your parents trying to be hip, meh...different era.

This naturally leads into the crux of the movie which is the teens trying their best to convince everyone (the adults) that a monster is killing people. Of course no one believes the pesky teens because they're all so untrustworthy and pesky, racing their highly colourful respectable cars at slightly dangerous speeds and being all polite n everything, damn pesky polite teens. Alas most of the runtime is taken up with us watching these teens trying to convince people, you don't really get much absorbing action from the blob, and when you do there isn't much to see.

Of course it turns out those pesky teens weren't lying (to the annoyance of one bitter cop), and its up to everyone in the town to try and stop the thing before it gets any bigger. Honesty, the finale is reasonable tense as a small group of heroes get trapped within the diner with the blob slowly devouring it. Its a fun ending with some neat but cheesy effects, but you're never overly concerned of course because the trapped characters are McQueen, his bird and some kid, no way anyone's gonna get absorbed here. Would a bunch of fire extinguishers be able to freeze an alien entity? would fire extinguishers be able to freeze anything? errr...just go with it.

Like most other horror flicks of this era, they don't scare anymore, they are laughably corny. The hammy acting, the middle aged teen characters, the fact the badass teens are so charming and polite, the fact you always get a mushy score playing over serious dialog revolving around anything serious (or anything) etc...The film looks lovely that's for sure, the effects are cool and the alien monster is great fun, I just wish we got a bit more of it. A primal killing machine, it can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or...wait a minute.
August 26, 2015
Steve McQueen, so young, so good. This was hilarious, so cheesy and great! Also somehow scarier than most horror movies these days. Authentic. I liked it. Plus the cool "vintage" aspect of it now. Funny how it ends so abruptly.
July 29, 2015
Very Good for A Color Classic Monster Movie which was made in 1958
July 10, 2015
A hillbilly pokes a meteor with a stick and immediately releases a globular space monster that ravenously consumes everything in its path. Steve (Steve McQueen) is a hot-roddin' teen who discovers this cosmic doom amoeba and is tasked with trying to convince the skeptical police force that his crazy story should be taken seriously. The Blob is a formulaic movie that combines the tropes of giant monster flicks and "teensploitation" films into a 1950's drive-in kitschfest. This movie wasn't trying to win any awards, but its experienced crew and cheap (yet clever) effects help it stand apart from similar films of the same period. You'll have a fun time with this one if you're in the mood for 1950's monster cheese.
½ June 22, 2015
A small bubble of jelly tumbles dramatically from the sky, landing in the woods just outside Main Street USA, and swiftly begins absorbing and digesting the town's population. Naturally, the only ones to understand this predicament are a small tribe of no-good teenagers, and the crusty old grown-ups don't listen to a word until it's almost too late. It's a classic sci-fi trope, from the heart of Hollywood's cheap, silly, sci-fi boom, and that's always fun to watch... to a certain extent. After jumping right in with a first-scene asteroid crash, though, The Blob loses its way fairly quickly, dragging its feet through all manner of slow, dry, window-gazing scenes while the monster gets busy somewhere decidedly off-screen. The attraction is a blob of man-eating goo, but the film seems more concerned with the history of kid-cop-parent relations in this sleepy little borough. It drags on forever, until it's suddenly time to wrap things up and then we rush through all the good stuff in a quick, delirious blur. It's in that quick, vibrant sprint that we enjoy all the best shots - a stampede to escape the theater, a fully-engulfed diner - but they're mere glances, and none seem blessed with the right amount of gravitas. The history books tell us that this was never intended to be a hallmark of the genre, and that much is clear. The studio didn't think much of it because, apart from a brilliant title and a far-leftfield concept, there really isn't all that much to think about. It's an empty, abrupt, stupid, yet inexplicably magnetic, time capsule. A short, simple novelty at the best of times.
½ May 9, 2015
Today, it's full of cliches, ignorance, and terrible pacing, but this is essentially where those things started. The effects are fun, even if somewhat campy, and the characters are pretty typical for monster-movie fare. It isn't perfect, and it might not hold up well today, but it works great for what it is.
½ May 4, 2015
I've never seen one of these classic, drive-in-style, monster, B-movies. The Blob is the simplest one you can imagine, because it is just a meteorite that lands with a gelatinous creature in it. The creature starts to consume people, but only a couple of teenagers have seen it, and so no one wants to believe it's real. I got to watch the Criterion DVD which was beautifully restored, and looked simply wonderful for a film from 1958. Of course this also meant that the special effects were perfectly restored as well in all their sad stop-motion miniature glory. It did look somewhat comical whenever they did the wide shots and fully showed the Blob, which is a shame because the practical effects were so wonderful. There were several scenes where they had the Blob oozing through door frames, windows, or even ventilation grates and it looked great and gave you that feel of the unstoppable force that spelled doom for anyone it came in contact with. It almost feels like they could have made something truly remarkable if they had just avoided ever using any shots that revealed the full Blob moving.

One more issue with this film is the fact that Steve McQueen looks every year of the 28 years old he was at that time. There's just no way you can buy him as a teenager. It doesn't feel like he should be lectured by the police, it feels like he should be working alongside them. Aneta Corsaut is a bit more convincing as a teen, because she still had that youthful face, but the scene she has with her younger brother sounds a bit mature for the age she's supposed to be. Still despite some of these flaws I was surprised how well the tension built in this film. It wasn't scary, but it did a solid job of building the danger and utilizing ominous music to add to the pressure of certain scenes. The Blob was a surprisingly enjoyable film, and combined some laughs with a decent amount of impending dread. They also didn't wink at the audience as if to say "hey, isn't this silly." Instead every actor was sold out on the movie and seemed convinced that this was something to take seriously which is also to the movie's benefit. And it's also worth mentioning it has one of the most catchy little theme songs I've heard in years. I'd actually recommend checking out this version of the Blob if you are curious about what these 50's monster movies are like.
January 20, 2015
I haven't seen this movie yet seen clips of it
but I heard its funny people run while a giant thing of jelly attack u I just these type of b movies I want to see this film so badly
½ September 15, 2014
Absolutely loved it as much as I did when I was a kid! Classic Camp!
½ August 7, 2014
I really don't get why people love this movie Steven McQueen is play a teenage when the movie was made he was twenty eight he look like he forty .
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