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½ November 9, 2014
A daring and complex film like this is hard to find fault with, but there's something missing from "The Bubble", something hard to pin down. Maybe Yali sums it up best: "It just doesn't feel real".
½ March 14, 2014
Great movie with a tragically poignant yet appropriate conclusion !
April 6, 2011
ANOTHER! gay tragic love story.
½ April 2, 2011
interesting and broadening the mind.
½ December 28, 2010
Une histoire touchante dans un contexte peu commun!
February 7, 2010
One of the best independent film I've seen for long time. * Imagine there's no countries * It isn't hard to do * Nothing to kill or die for * And no religion too * Imagine all the people * Living life in peace * You may say I am a dreamer * But I am not the only one.
½ January 13, 2010
A very emotional and personal take on the social & political struggle in the middle east through the eyes of a gay palestinian & israeli couple ... The movie transcends sexuality to illustrate the crumbling crush of extremism & occupation on descent loving human beings ... A must see, i almost cried :( ... [if you're squeamish about some scenes you can fast forward]
December 28, 2009
Que buena pelĂ­cula!!! en verdad. Gracias Hermano por el regalo estuvo de 10!!!
September 23, 2009
A story of twisted love under a stressed society. Another great film by Eytan Fox after Yossi & Jagger. A reflection of a cruel real world...
September 16, 2009
This is one of those rare movies that resounds in your head for a long time after its over. This is the reason I love foreign films! I loved the characters, the plots, the message!
July 20, 2009
i luv this movie so much---it made me want to go to Israel
July 16, 2009
A movie that need to be in every G man collection
July 6, 2009
Fun, refreshing, but heartbreaking. Tel Aviv seems really cool.
March 15, 2009
well then you guys are jerks for not wanting to see it. friends and their taste in movies!!! its an awesome movie about the israli/ palestinian conflict. don't be so prude.
March 13, 2009
ONe of the best independent film i have eevr seen for long time. The fomula and the love story line is very rich nd easy at the same time.Not much complicted although it is very deep. It tells a lot of bounries between the ever last enemies The israelies and Arabs could be defeated by realy love and believe in eachother. God both are goroguse
January 1, 2009
tragic gay love story! unique film with many complexities and plots such as politics, war, love, cultural and religious differences!
December 19, 2008
again love has many ways to till death do you part. bitter n sweet...
December 6, 2008
With a great reference to the film/play Bent, this tragic film about a love between an Iranian man and a Palestinian man is something worth watching. It is definitely Eytan Fox's masterpiece as the director does an amateur directorial debut in Yossi and Jagger and just a simple story in Walk in Water. The characters especially the female roommate and the more flamboyant gay man are lovable, and the story is engaging.
½ November 24, 2008
Roughshod production and the script could have been a little tighter, but the acting was excellent and the story was deeply affecting. Daniela Virtzer needs to become famous in the states. She's magnificent.
November 9, 2008
Great story of human being. We are all created equally and have the ability to love.
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