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May 16, 2012
Speaking as someone who likes Shakespeare, but who is watching this for the first time, I can't say I enjoyed this very much.

The problem starts for me with the plot, which to say the least, is contrived. It involves two sets of identical twins who are separated by a shipwreck, but then unknowingly reunited in the city of Ephesus. A series of mistaken identities ensue that frankly, left my head hurting, not helped that for some reason the twins use the same name; Dromio for the servants and Antipholus, their masters. They wear almost identical clothing as well. Pass the Paracetamol.

Then there is the humour which will make you want to double your dose of painkillers. At best, the jokes make you groan, but most of the time they are so laboured it hurts.

I watched this because I set myself the project of watching every Shakespeare play and that is the only reason I can think of for watching it. I doubt I ever will again.
May 20, 2011
Always fun to see a Shakespeare hidden gem.
½ April 18, 2010
The BBC wastes no talent on what is likely Shakespeare's earliest play (perhaps rightly, as it is also one of his weakest). The best performance by a male is arguably turned in by Roger Daltrey, which could be described as inspired but amateurish.

At least the lousy performances keep you from thinking about the weak plot!
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