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April 19, 2013
My first Fatty Arbuckle movie. The showmanship is truly awe-inspiring. It is dated, however, & somewhat tough on the attention span (despite its short duration).
The throwing of the milk glass was hilarious to me. The dog climbing the ladder was nuts! Fatty's a machine!
½ October 3, 2012
Changed from 1 and a half star.

I was entertained. I didn't really laugh though. Some of the other reviews of Keaton movies may sound like I don't think he's funny, and I don't really think he's funny. He was highly entertaining though. Arbuckle is funny in the kitchen, not so much at the table.
August 9, 2012
The tricks of how to eat spaghetti were funny .
½ February 16, 2012
One of the most enjoyable silent comedy shorts I've seen. The Cook is glorious slapstick done masterfully. Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton are hilariously awesome, their multitude of talents are showcased amazingly here. It's not the most invigorating story, because The Cook is mostly just a mindless 18 minutes of laughter and good times, and that's just fine with us.
½ August 30, 2011
Funny and entertaining early short film. Arbuckle and Keaton are enjoyable together and one can already see the comedic timing of Keaton as he tends to steal the show.
November 18, 2010
Perhaps my favorite Fatty/Keaton/St. John short.
October 3, 2010
My least favorite Buster film, perhaps because it was not directed by Buster. Still, there were some wonderful slapstick comedy and great technical details such as the use of sepia-toned monochrome and brilliant shooting angels.
½ February 19, 2010
Hysterical at first but somehow at 22 min it manages to wear out its welcome.
½ November 4, 2009
Really funny, I really enjoyed it
½ June 18, 2009
Funnier than most of the "talkies" I've seen.
December 26, 2008
Chris Farley seems to have stolen from Fatty Arbuckle but who wouldn't? Well, except for the time Arbuckle was charged with raping an actress with a coke bottle... in real life. though that'd make one hell of a silent short comedy.
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