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August 21, 2011
The second Hammer mummy movie is a fun entry in their short series which has some great set pieces. Wonderful Hammer cinematography and art direction and th eusual great cast of character actors supported by US import Fred Clark.
½ May 1, 2011
Second in Hammer's Mummy series. Fairly slow to start and more of a B picture. Worth a watch if you're a fan of Hammer.
April 23, 2011
Enjoyed this one, the American business dude is excellently played. Worth watching.
October 30, 2010
solid but unremarkable mummy movie with ugly Americans and French girls with ample cleavage. needs more mummy, I think, but it makes up for it with quite a lot of hands getting chopped off.
October 16, 2010
This was the second of Hammer's mummy series. Just like "The Mummy," this film looks great, but is bogged down by rather bland acting. Fred Clark, who plays loud American showman, was a pleasure to watch.

While mummy stories tend to be rather slow paced, there are some nice little surprises in this storyline... but once again, the pace is what kills this movie.

A must see for Hammer horror fans, but most mainstream fans won't enjoy it.
October 11, 2010
Fun Hammer entry with nice story twist. Kind of reminds me of Dr. Phibes Rises Again (but not as much fun).
½ September 14, 2010
Hmm...not Hammer's best. The mummy doesn't even wake up 'til the third act, and he's just a love sick fool!
½ September 1, 2010
Dull until the mummy appears half way through.
½ March 4, 2010
he Curse of the Mummy's Tomb is a 1964 film Directed by Michael Carreras. A mummy discovered by three Egyptologists is brought back to London by a showman. The mummy begins to murder various members of the expedition until it is revealed that a sinister character (portrayed by Terence Morgan) carries a secret to the mummy's past and future.
February 28, 2010
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964) -- [4.0] -- Hammer Films follows up their 1959 remake without stars Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing. "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" treads painfully familiar ground with a dull cast and is slow-moving until the last twenty minutes. Composer Carlo Martelli tries to compensate with a musical score too bombastic for its own good. On the bright side, at least the mummy looks good.
December 27, 2009
still decent hammer stuff, despite the absent Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.
½ December 5, 2009
Serviceable entry to Hammer's mummy series. Trademark Hammer lavish production design and color cinematography - but the plot is slow-paced and talky until the final act; and, with the exception of Fred Clark, who plays a very fun obnoxious American showman, the cast is bland, lacking the energy and personality of Hammer's usual stalwarts like Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee. Fans of Hammer horror will find it entertaining enough, but it's far from the best.
November 21, 2009
As much as I love the Hammer movies, it is notable that they mainly made their name on remaking classics like Dracula, Frankenstein, & the Mummy. This is one of their own original ideas and it's always nice to see that. I enjoyed this one. It's got some amusingly bad jokes in it, but it was pretty solid all the way through.
August 8, 2009
It was bound to happen. Hammer already had successful sequels to both The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula so we all knew a sequel to The Mummy was to come. A sequel did show up in 1964 but with one big's a completely different Mummy.

Yes this sequel features a different mummy than the first film (eagle eyed viewers will recall that Christopher Lee as the bandaged being got blasted to a pulp) and no returning characters from the original. Other than that fact the plot is almost exactly like the first Mummy film. So much in fact the viewer might have a case of deja vu.

Like the original the plot follows the basic mummy protocol of entering a cursed tomb, taking the mummy back to England, the mummy awakens for revenge. Against the diggers wishes the financier of the dig plans to take the mummy that was found on a road show in order top make a fortune. The mummy has different plans however.

The acting is solid for the most part the film definitely lacks power leads like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in the original. The lead actress is beautiful and exotic but her character is a little weak for my taste. Like the original there's a nifty flashback scene and the production values are top notch as usual for early Hammer productions.

I also found the film to be a little more violent compared to the first film. The film opens with a man having man stabbed and his hand cut off. In another scene the Mummy crushes a man's head under foot like a grape (off screen of course). I found the added violence helped keep my attention more focused on the redundant plot.

Hammer fans will definitely like and so will fans of Mummy movies but other movie goers will find the plot just too derivative to hold interest.

On a side note this film was unavailable for years. It was never released on video and debuted on DVD in a four film collection entitled Hammer Films: Icons of Horror.
March 10, 2009
It's remarkable watching this agian. Love this brilliant film
January 31, 2009
Daft and derivative Hammer nonsense which if you you're happy to accept its corny level isn't bad at all. Fred Clark's showman stands out and the film generally looks rather colourful and visually appealing in this fine widescreen print. Michael Ripper is on hand of course - where would Hammer be without him?
January 17, 2009
One of the worst Hammer horror films I have seen. None of the characters are interesting, the story is completely stuck in quicksand, that acting is stilted, and most of all the mummy looks like a white guy is inside of it. The lead actress is about as convincing as an archeologist as Tara Reid was in Alone in the Dark. Only watch this if you got it in that 4 film Hammer DVD pack, otherwise avoid.
January 11, 2009
Another solid mummy movie from Hammer. Just like the previous entry to the series, Curse of the Mummy's Tomb boasts just the right balance of horror, grandeur and cheese that makes Hammer horror so worth watching. Although Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are sorely amiss, this is still certainly a recommendation to genre fans.
December 2, 2008
Adequent follow-up to Hammer's The Mummy, but this movie lacks much of the eerie atmosphere and cool story of the original. This one just feels like a rehashing that lacks the stellar skills of Cushing and Lee. And no Christopher Lee is not in this film.
November 17, 2008
Christopher Lee wasn't in this film; neither was Oliver Reed or Ron Howard (who was playing Opie on American TV at the time). Fred Clark was in it and delivers a great performance as a PT Barnum-type American showman. Clark was one of the great character actors of the postwar era and his performamce makes this rather uneven Hammer film worth watching. Once the mommy kills him off, the film isn't as much fun.
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