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½ April 13, 2011
The descent of Eddie into politics, funny in parts, but not worth seeing twice.
March 28, 2011
What's that? Joe Don Baker? Pass.
January 19, 2011
the days when Eddie Murphy was still funny :)
½ December 15, 2010
Loved what they had to say about congress...uhh...I'm sorry, politics. As far as comedy goes, well Eddie has a couple of moments but that's it.
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September 21, 2010
Eddie Murphy plays Thomas Jefferson Johnson, a hustler and con artist, who finds out that running for Congress will earn him more money than he does now. He uses this post to hopefully earn a decent living and sham his way to more. Instead, he discovers that some government officials are even more corrupt than he is and he must use his "power" to make things right for the little people.Good natured fun from the early 90's
August 29, 2010
# Um Distinto Cavalheiro
½ August 19, 2010
Not the best Eddie Murphy movie, a predictable direction and weak script took away from it, yet it stands as a damning portrayl of how people actually vote in this country, not on the issues, but on a name alone. This message alone lifts the movi to "OK" status with me, but it's still no "Trading Places" or "Beverly Hills Cop"
July 21, 2010
A rather forgettable comedy which mostly consists of Eddie Murphy doing his fast-talking conman act.
½ May 25, 2010
Had to watch it in government class. :(
May 18, 2010
Not my favorite of Murphy's comedies, but worth checking out.
April 29, 2010
One or two laughs but you tend to forget thsi movie in his career
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½ April 26, 2010
A smooth-talking confidence trickster makes his way into congress (where the cynical would suggest he'd have plenty of company) in this comedy. Thomas Jefferson Johnson (Eddie Murphy) is a con man from Florida who gets the bright idea that a scam artist could make a tidy sum if he was able to get inside the political arena. When a Florida congressman named Jeff Johnson dies and a special election is held to replace him, Thomas puts his name on the ballot as "Jeff Johnson," and enough confused voters check the ballot for him that he wins the race and is on his way to Washington D.C. Johnson soon finds a mentor in Dick Dodge (Lane Smith), chairman of the Power and Industry Committee, who shows Johnson the ropes on raking in PAC money while the late Mr. Johnson's aide, Reinhardt (Grant Shaud), gives him the inside scoop on how things work in Washington. Johnson's plans are going just as he hoped until he meets Celia Kirby (Victoria Rowell), a volunteer lobbyist and political activist whose uncle is a noted religious leader, The Rev. Elijah Hawkins (Charles S. Dutton). Johnson quickly becomes smitten with Celia, but it's obvious that she's not buying his act, and if he wants to win her heart, he'll have to stop fooling people into thinking he's honest and actually be honest. Joe Don Baker and Sheryl Lee Ralph also co-star.
April 20, 2010
Ebert's suggestion that The Distinguished Gentleman is simply an unglorified, slower-witted, and less humorous attempt at what The Player already achieved, just with Eddie Murphy's weakened version of his own brand of humor is unwarranted. The Distinguished Gentleman makes every effort to be taken as a family film while attempting, and I think successfully, to pay a toned-down respect to many of Murphy's R-rated, audience favorites.

On the other hand, thank you, Roger Ebert, for re-introducing me to "The Player". Add me to the long list of this film's admirers. From start to finish, I tried to keep track of the intricate layerings, double- triple- and quadruple-entandres, hints from the director, winks to the audience from the actors playing themselves, cinematcophic nods to famous scenes- which themselves establish new famous scenes, tributes to movie legends, references and quote-usages, twists and overlays of well-known genres... suffice to say it's worth the time to check out Ebert's recommendation, just not worthwhile to attempt to compare them.
April 20, 2010
what a stupid fucking movie.
½ April 20, 2010
[font=Arial Black]This is a great example of political satire. The movie does well with the political process.[/font]
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½ April 17, 2010
Eddie Murphey back in his glory days, funny yet interesting
½ April 10, 2010
am a FOOL....Heee Haw!!!!!!!!!!
½ March 25, 2010
ok movie. i can barely remember it, but i remember what i thought about it.
so in short ok but forgettable.
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