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April 26, 2017
Not very frightened by this film but I enjoyed it
½ March 31, 2014
Invasion! - but Let's Not Have a Screaming Fit--The Day Everyone Dropped Dead!!
November 15, 2012
Stumbled across this quite by accident, watching Tom Waits videos on (What Are You Looking At) You Tube. The TW song Earth Died Screaming is named after it. It's an enjoyable British sci-fi/horror from 1965 with a quite visibly low-budget but the acting and direction (by Hammer veteran Terence Fisher) more than atone for it. Dennis Price plays a selfish cad as he does so often and so well. Willard Parker is mighty fine in the lead; his character continues the grand sci-fi tradition of having a hero called Jeff (see Plan 9 From Outer Space). This Jeff (of the subspecies Nolan) even has heroic eyebrows. The opening tableaux of people succumbing to a gas attack is great and although the rest of the film cannot match up to it, it's still pretty good. The score, by avant garde composer Elisabeth Lutyens, is beautifully haunting too.
½ October 26, 2012
It reminded me of a British "The Day the World Ended" a little bit. A b-movie that delivers enough robots and zombies and post-apocalyptic thrills.
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½ January 17, 2012
This Movie is from the MGM Midnite Movie Collection. Its a Film from 1964 and in Black & White, The film is full of washed up and what appears to be wino actors and actress at the low points of the careers put together to make a some what decent film. Some strange force has killed almost everyone on earth, a selected few gather and try to survive, Robots from space turning dead humans in to zombies with no eyes, there job to find other humans. Who is the driving force. The kind of movie shown at a drive in that would make little kids look up at the sky the whole way home. Its worth 3 1/2 stars
January 5, 2012
Very low budget but rather amusing sci-fi/horror flick.
February 23, 2011
An entertaining piece of early 60s sci-fi that has some cool alien robots terrorizing an apocalyptic vision of Earth, The Earth Dies Screaming is not an overly original entry in the genre but is not an entirely forgettable example either.
½ September 12, 2010
More like "The Viewer Naps Snoring." Alien robots use a death ray to kill nearly all humans. An American test pilot and a few Brits find each other in a village. The robots are after them, and they're using the bodies of the deceased in the effort. The resurrected have white eyes. A few battles ensue, and the predictable outcome happens after just over an hour. At least it's mercifully short.

"The Earth Dies Screaming" may remind fans of Doctor Who of an episode of that show from the late 60's/early 70's. The robots look a bit like Cybermen, though they're not nearly as interesting. The American pilot leading the fight against them is no Doctor; he lacks that sort of charisma. There's a secret enemy among the humans to provide a bit of conflict, which is otherwise sorely lacking. The whole thing is so low-key that it's just dull.

One can easily imagine that this flick was churned out on an assembly line. Bland, forgettable stuff that probably pried a few dollars from drive-in patrons in its day, but has nothing going for it now. Dedicated fans of dated sci-fi may enjoy it more than I did, but it's hard to imagine anyone sitting through this snoozer without yawning a bit.
October 7, 2009
Pretty thin on story but Terence Fisher does his best to make a good film out of it. This one had to of had some kind of influence on Romero and Russo when they wrote Night Of The Living Dead together. The Earth Dies Screaming has some truly great and creepy moments and does a fine job delivering an apocalyptic feel. Lots of dead scattered bodies fill the streets. And some of the best moments come when the Alien robots are on patrol. The reanimated dead look creepy as hell with their bulging gray eyes! There never is a real explanation for their visit, but then again why do we always feel there should be one!? This is a fine film and it definatly made for a good late evening Autumn movie!
November 28, 2008
Another great sci-fi movie from the 60s.
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½ September 30, 2008
cheap low budget 60's black & white sci-fi film..interesting premise and for the most part, decent acting..plot is a bit thin however and not too much action. All in all..not a bad does set mood and has an eerieness to it..
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