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May 26, 2017
Incredible hard to get through, but supported by an excellent cast. Special mention goes to Roberta Wallach, who is just as much of a natural performer as her parents were, but has her own unique acting style.
March 24, 2017
good character driven drama with just about the stupidist title 4 a movie ever
May 31, 2015
I gather it was largely dismissed by film critics at the time of its release. Paul Zindel and Alvin Sargents' adaptation of the play is brilliantly directed by Paul Newman and features an unforgettable performance by the great Joanne Woodward.
October 18, 2014
Warning:DepressionQuiet student's mother is mentally ill and loud/socially inappropriate.
½ August 12, 2012
One of the most painful and beautiful movie experiences I have ever endured.
August 24, 2011
Amazing anf disturbing. The original play by Paul Zindel was translated in Quebec by Michel Tremblay and was as brutal as this Paul Newman's adaptation. J. Woodward is riveting as the crazy queen of bitterness trying desperately to raise her two daughters...
½ August 23, 2011
Slow paced film directed by Paul Newman and starring his wife Joanne Woodward as a single mother raising her two daughters. Yeah, the title is weird, but if you watch the movie it makes sense. The second half is much better than the first, the final scenes of the film are pretty heartbreaking. The two young actresses are very good (the older sister is Eli Wallach's daughter and the younger one is Paul and Joanne's daughter). It's cool Joanne won Best Actress at Cannes for this.
August 17, 2011
Another Family Affair by The Newman's: Joanne Woodward as Beatrice the Bitter Drunken Widow,Paul Newman Directing & Producing,& their Daughter, a Teenage Nell Potts as the shy & unhappy Science Nerd Daughter, Matilda.The Show Stealer though is clearly Eli Wallach's daughter, Roberta Wallach, who is the older Teenage Daughter,Ruth,who has Epilepsy & Sleep Walking Nightmare's, enhanced by by the repression of the Household of Hate.Roberta Wallach gives a few amazing angst filled performances. Forced to take in another Elderly Boarder after the other one dies in their home is just one of the the challenges that make for an unpleasant atmosphere for this Widow/Single Mother & her two Teenage Girls in a Cynical World that knows mostly sadness.The Outrageous, misleading title derives from Matilda(Nell Potts)'s Science Project & is a Metaphor for their life & how they can change it if they put a little effort into it.Excellent Performances all around, by Joanne Woodward, Nell Potts, but esp. Roberta Wallach
½ August 31, 2010
The film shows the harsh life of the Woodward family, suffering and misery they endure. They bring a dose of humor that is not enough. Some players are quite addictive as they are emotional and troubling roles. The speeches are very exciting as we learn some things cultural. But they have due to the scenario most touching and it is not taking enough. The title should have the more we try to go see him as he tries to tell us the effects of gamma rays, but it would have to see in the film. The great Paul Newman in charge of carrying him well as he has experience and knows how to captivate, even if it does not perform often.
½ August 10, 2009
Superbe drame, bouleversant et brillamment interprété.
½ February 2, 2009
Un portrait emouvant d'une femme en marge, dans un film qui m'a rappele les interpretations de Gena Rowlands dans les mises en scene de John Cassavettes. Un tableau par petites touches, jamais complaisant ni lorgnant vers les bons sentiments. Impression de decouvrir une facette de Paul Newman que j'avais totalement omis jusque la.
½ January 10, 2009
Joanne Woodward is wonderful.
½ December 9, 2008
The overly long cutesy/kooky title is every indication of what you're in for: a dated, bleak movie about odd-balls floundering in the world. This one gives Joanne Woodward the opportunity to play against type. Unfortunately, she works so hard to convince us that she's a bitter nutter, you're always aware of her "acting." Nell Potts is affecting as her youngest daughter.
December 1, 2008
An excellent movie, full of deep feelings and dark, tragic humour, very good actresses (Joanne Woodward does of course rock the casbah in her part as a dysfunctional, both-cynically-egocentric-and-paradoxically-good-hearted mother, but very young Nell Potts is also very poignant as a quasi-autistic little girl who still manages to be the sanest member of her family...

One thing is sure, you can't help loving a movie where the mother teaches this truth of all truths to her daughters: "there's always a moment, in life, when a voice tells you in your mind: "buy a wig!"'.
November 30, 2008
great direction & performances!!
Super Reviewer
October 15, 2008
nominated for best picture by NBR
October 2, 2008
Le jeux des actruces est bleuffant, et un film de qualité bien qu'un peu lent par moments
September 30, 2008
recuerdo muy vagamante este film, tebdre que verlo de nuevo
½ September 28, 2008
En reprise au Quartier Latin, un des films de Paul Newman realisateur, un drame intimiste, dur, avec une lueur d'espoir a la fin, joue par la propre femme de PN dans le role principal (prix d'interpretation a Cannes).
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