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July 7, 2017
Powell is great as always!!!
April 5, 2014
William Powell and and Luise Rainer are a couple of spies on opposite sides in this romantic comedy. As you would expect, the two fall in love as they both criss cross eastern Europe in search of the title candlesticks in this lightweight but enjoyable spy comedy. Robert Young (in an odd role), Maureen O'Sullivan and Frank Morgan also appear in the film.
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½ March 26, 2009
If William Powell is in a film his charm automatically gives the film 3 stars. Enjoyable film about two spy's on opposite sides who have both hidden secret messages in some antique candlesticks. Powell and Rainer are great together, he is the one who taught her film acting years before.The movie gets a little goofy at the end and it's not one of Powell's best. All and all it's enjoyable and looks nice.
January 14, 2009
crazy nutty kind of farce but watchable
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