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February 1, 2017
George Sanders is the Falcon, an upper crust society-type who is also a private investigator. He seems to also have a way with the ladies (a la James Bond). However, in this film, a rendering of Raymond Chandler's Farewell, My Lovely, the Falcon is really Philip Marlowe, so there's a bit of dissonance: Marlowe was never so suave. Indeed, Dick Powell's Marlowe in the superior Murder, My Sweet (1944) is far more lived in and grungy. He also gets beat up a fair bit which doesn't happen to the Falcon; instead Sanders has a sidekick played by Allen Jenkins who takes the various beatings from Moose Malloy and also provides comic relief by getting into trouble. This moves the film into the more formulaic territory of the mystery serials (e.g., Charlie Chan, Dick Tracy, Mr. Moto, Sherlock Holmes, etc.) which were generally lighter fare. But somehow the Chandler text elevates the picture to something more than the usual "guess the murderer before he/she is identified by the sleuth" mystery - it is a little more confusing, less straightforward, more interesting. George Sanders' star power is more than evident but he's still an odd droll character - who thought he should be the hero? That said, I fully approve of him and the film was fine.
½ September 11, 2016
George Sanders is back as The Falcon, but storewide this film is actually an adaptation of Raymond Chandler's oft filmed "Farewell, My Lovely." The Falcon helps a punch drunk ex-con find his old girlfriend Velma. Certainly not as good as "Murder, My Sweet" but still a pretty good retelling of the Chandler mystery and a solid vehicle for Sanders as The Falcon.
½ May 3, 2013
a B movie 'murder my sweet' knock-off
August 17, 2012
Just as good a private detective story as the first two in this series, with Allen Jenkens adding plenty of colour to the film as usual. There's less emphasis on 'The Falcon's' love-life in this one which is the only sub-plot theme that is continuous through all the films.
April 26, 2012
i enjoy all the falcon films, a time of champayne cocktails, cigarette cases and smudges of red lipstick on hankerchiefs, late night movies.
May 23, 2011
The innards of the Chandler novel... reordered to showcase Sanders' way with a withering quip - not quite as refined here as in the actor's later vehicles, but still entertaining enough. Script and direction are quite perfunctory - tediously written interrogation sequences fall a long way short of providing the interpersonal chemistry of the great studio stars, and we're never given enough to convince us the journalist love interest might also be a crackshot with a pistol - but there are regular flashes of the genre's pleasures, as though it were intended as a sampler of noir themes and language for audiences put off by the flourishes of a Lang or Nick Ray.
November 12, 2010
Bizarrely enough, this is an adaptation of Raymond Chandler's 'Farewell, My Lovely', with a good bit of the plot preserved. Pared down to an hour-long programmer, the film bounces along on the strength of a bevy of good character actors, with George Sanders in the lead. Sanders referred to the Falcon films as the 'nadir of my career', which is probably true. The Falcon is basically the Saint sans the criminal edge. Sanders cares so little about the part that he actually makes it sillier than it might have been, which works out perfectly. Not exactly Philip Marlowe, but not bad at all.
½ November 11, 2009
George Sanders , Tom Conway same Falcon.
August 13, 2008
Sanders is the best Falcon
½ May 13, 2008
Not as good as the original Falcon film, but you can't go wrong with George Sanders solving crimes and being witty while doing it.
February 12, 2008
Noel Coward meets Raymond Chandler in this daft spin on "Farewell, My Lovely". Gay Lawrence, AKA The Falcon (I'm not making this up) is a foppish English anti-Marlowe, who prances about magnificently, causing every dame to swoon with passion at his every pithy remark. In a modern film the girl would be beating him up and stealing his lunch money. Still, it's enjoyable stuff, and at 60-odd minutes long, whizzes through the source material at light-speed.
½ October 18, 2007
my childhood would not have been the same without private eye 'The Gay Falcon'.
Sanders was the Willis of his day and fisticuffs always ensued.
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