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A group of young adventurers come face-to-face with a powerful predator after sailing off course, and getting stranded on an uncharted island. All Liz and her friends wanted was a relaxing island vacation. Shortly after setting sail, however, their yacht began to drift off course, and the waters began to swell. The next thing everyone know, the boat was capsized, and they were swimming to safety on a secluded beach. Later, after radioing for help, the group sets up camp near the shoreline in anticipation of a rescue team. The following morning, when Liz awakens, she discovers a bloody trail in the sand where her fiancé Peter had just been sleeping. Tracing the path straight into the jungle, Liz becomes convinced that something horrible is watching them from the trees -- awaiting the perfect moment to strike. Rejecting Liz's plea to help rescue Peter, Ira and Lauren remain on the beach, where they quickly fall prey to the vicious killer. Now all alone with no weapons to defend herself, Liz must summon the courage to find and defeat the cunning hunter before she becomes his next victim. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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Nikki Griffin
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★1/2 (out of four) A dismal horror film that sacrifices any real story for an oall-out, in-your-face, over-the-top gorfest. All that might have been okay if it had some sort of stry or interesting characters to back it up.. doesn't. A group of young college age adults go on a afternoon boat ride. They manage to get off course just as a storm hits. They wash up on an deserted island There they find cannibalistic creatures that look like a cross between monkeys and werewolves. One by one they are hunted down and fed to the pack for dinner. Revolting and downright boring at times. Nice island scenery, tho. [IMG][/IMG]

Steve Smith
Steve Smith

I wasted 45 pesos to watch this garbage excuse for a film. This film is boring, cliche, unoriginal, laughable, & practically a "King Kong" meets "Predators" rip-off plot themes. The only interesting thing in this film were the creatures, but even so, they still were nothing close to being good. So it starts off as the typical teen love & yacht theme with friends & all, & then they head out to sea to have some fun. Are you getting something original? No, instead, you're getting teens 'coincidentally' crashing onto an 'uncharted island' that no seems to recognize, & later on, it's infested with some strange, demonic cannibals that have apparently eaten other people that were on this island a very, very long time ago. How original is that? Like I said, it's almost just a bunch of other movie plots ripped out & pasted around. And the most obvious part about this movie that easily says it's a "Predator" rip-off is through half the movie when the main character discovers how to protect/cover herself from the creatures. All in all, this movie sucked. Even the ending to this movie was painfully stupid. I gave this movie another 10% for pity. Hell from what I read, the original director & others who worked on this movie didn't like the results of what came out of it. Wow, I applaud them for being the very first movie makers who realize what crap they made unlike some people (Uwe Boll). So now, this movie is at it's titled, "Forgotten". I'm certain the new straight to DVD remake won't be better.

Frisby 2007
Frisby 2007

Super Reviewer

A group of unlikable young people get stranded on an island inhabited by a savage tribe.  The only great thing about this one is the heroine farts during a scene.

Christopher  Brown
Christopher Brown

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