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October 26, 2015
A classic haunting movie, effects are old but most are actually quit well down, if your not the CGI fan.
May 26, 2015
Decent for a tv movie. Extremely tame, but the film has its moments.
April 23, 2015
As a horror movie this is a bit tame but as a made for TV horror movie it aint half bad.
August 2, 2014
This is by far one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. The first time I watched it I was 12 and now at 35 I'm attempting to locate a copy to add to my ever expanding personal library.
½ November 15, 2012
ok movie, apparently it stars Hope Garber the mother of Victor Garber the actor who played Thomas Andrews in James Cameron's Titanic, it was an ok movie but could have been better
½ October 30, 2010

Omg this movie is so friggin scary. Really. Im easily frightened but... to know that the movie is based on a true story and everything just make it more scary. And the fact that the actors are not "hollywood stars" just make the movie feel more "real".
July 27, 2009
a great true story film...
½ June 9, 2009
I first watched this movie as a kid. It has always scared the hell out of me. Especially the parts where the old lady is calling out for Janet. Sooooo scary!
August 28, 2008
I held off watching this until I finally finished reading the book this is based on. A book that I found very compelling. Without having read the book, I'm not sure if I would have bought into the Smurl family's situation so much, but it accounts for many of the key moments during their haunting, surprisingly including one with an 'Incubus'. Does well for a TV movie with some earie moments. A half decent companion piece to the book which spares you the 'Hollywood' horror.
June 19, 2008
Great film to deal with the ordeal of a haunted house. Much like the classic '79 original Amityville Horror, 80's The Entity, and other well told true case ordeals.
June 13, 2008
A really decent film for t.v. Would love to read the book
June 11, 2008
Can't say that it ws the best movie in the world but I liked the fact thatit was based on a true story written by one of the demonologists that the Smurl Family had invited in there house. A truely horrifying story, do you believe in ghosts.
½ June 10, 2008
creepy ghost and demon film that is based on a true's thrilling and realistic made, no gore..if youre o fan of haunted houses and ghosts you should like this...
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