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½ July 29, 2017
Awful awful waste of an hour! Best/funniest part was watching Pattinson move his 'paralysed' legs! So many unexplained sub-stories left at the end of the film that it ended up being just one big incoherent pile of nonsense!
September 1, 2015
awesome movie I love watching it!!!
July 5, 2014
Terrible.....couldn't quite figure out the point.
March 31, 2014
You know when a movie it's so bad you're laugh til you cry? well
½ December 27, 2013
It's bewildering how BBC can turn a great novel by Dennis Wheatley into a a cheap television movie. I really thought it was going to be just as in-depth as the book but they just manage to create their own story and put "based on a novel by Dennis Wheatley" along the lines. I still think Robert Pattinson was a great choice of Toby Jugg, but this adaption is very poor and not really worth watching if you've read the book. It's a huge let down. No giant spider, no mass rituals, and no uncle that's a push over. BBC you've let me down...
September 12, 2013
Starts out as a very haunting, atmospheric film then dwindles to an anti-climax that made no sense at all. Scary scenes to be sure, but nothing much else.
April 3, 2013
Robert did a good job, especially at the end. But... Still I felt like there was more to come... Like, He has more to offer. This movie was OK, not great but OK
½ February 26, 2013
Ok, I'm a big Robert Pattinson fan, and this movie was horrible. Most of the time you had no clue what was going on. I get it that he pretty much had gone insane but there was no real climax, you knew what was going to happen half way through the movie. Also, even though the movie was only an hour long, it felt like it would never end. I appreciated the attempt but if i could i would give this movie a big ZERO. It was that bad!!
February 5, 2013
Young Robert Pattinson (20) in one of his earlier movies. Clearly was a low budget movie, but I'm glad I watched it. The actress who played his love interest looked waaaaay too old for him.
January 21, 2013
Really boring and slow. I never would have bothered if Robert Pattinson wasn't a main character in it. I only watched the first 25 minutes was just too boring.
December 17, 2012
1. Pattinson occassionally moves his 'paralyzed' legs
2.The slow, uninvolving plot remains completely uninteresting the whole way through.
3.The lack of a semblance of horror, suspense, drama, or even dark humor is unappealing.

Note: Pattinson is capable of better acting, and choosing better movies.
October 27, 2012
As a Robert Pattinson fan, I can still say this film was terrible.
½ September 17, 2012
A thoroughly distorting and frightening film anchored by a equally unhinged breakout performance by Robert Pattinson
½ August 23, 2012
I walked into The Haunted Airman with a non-bias mindframe, an unsure what to expect. I put aside my loath of Robert Pattinson for a moment and was pleasently surprised by his acting ability. Before he was Twilights heart throb or full of contraversy he was working up the Ladder in BBC's small project shorts. Director Chris Dulcher rewrote Dennis Wheatley's Orginal Novel Titled The Haunting of Toby Jugg.
August 12, 2012
Did like it but Robert was nice to look at during it
July 10, 2012
What a waste of money. I kept waiting for the plot to appear. It never did. A must NOT see.
June 22, 2012
Anything with Robert Pattinson, you can count me in!
½ June 10, 2012
Shouldn't be 15 rated, Robert Pattinson is great in it though, amazing actor. Shock(ish) ending.
May 19, 2012
The reason for my rating being so high is because I understood the movie in its entirety. Toby Jugg (a.k.a Robert Pattinson), was suffering from PTSD and becoming a paraplegic due to being shot. When the movie begins, he puts on a brave face, as well as his once removed Aunt Julia to show one another that everything will be fine. At first, he is sane and well, except for the handicap and the PTSD (dreams) but begins to feel that something sinister is happening at the home. At one point in time, his nurse gives him a pill called amytal "hours of oblivion, guaranteed". You can safely assume that he begins to lose it once this medicine is administered to him and that he is continually being given it. The mis-trust that the Doctor gives him by not sending his letters off, the medicine, the lights going out at 7pm, and the fact that the Doctor is really creepy and hides in corners, makes for someone to become paranoid. The ending was as beautiful as it was sad. He opens the door to find the Doctor on the floor, and his Aunt on the bed, holding hands, sleeping. He quickly blows out the candle and army crawls (because he is handicapped) to the other room where he awaits the two. Once the Doctor walks out of the room, his Aunt see's him in the shadows and he goes to her. She does rock him but refuses him as he attempts to kiss her. Obviously this sets him off because throughout the movie, she is sending him mixed signals and he is only following his heart. So, in him 'raping her' (quotes used because he wasn't really raping her) he is showing her that he's there, he's right there in front of her and she will not have him. In fact, she keeps pushing him away as if he is the plague which only infuriates him more. He thrusts and thrusts himself upon her and she begs him to stop and because they both know, he cannot satisfy her sexually, they cannot be together (in her mind). Also, she seems to have sided with the Doctor and as far as he's concerned, she has back-stabbed him and taken the Doctors word and also, chose him sexually over him so if he can't have her, no one can (so there are two factors for her death). As you can see with the ending, the Doctor stands over the two and undoubtedly he was there the whole time Toby was on top of her. He is curious about the inner workings of a person and he wanted to watch.

Also, the book that this was based on, shows that Toby stands to inherit a lot of money, but this is never mentioned in the movie. I hope this helps anyone who is confused.

By the way ... TEAM JACOB! lol
May 13, 2012
Different movie. Early Pattinson
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