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A closeted cop from a small town finds his past coming back to haunt him when he's forced to investigate the murder of his former lover and resorts to suppressing the facts in order to prevent his colleagues on the force from discovering the truth about his sexuality. Adam is a likable recluse who lives in a remote cabin and frequently passes the day in the arms of his longtime lover Anthony, a police detective who had gone to great lengths in order to remain safely in the closet. When Adam is brutally slain by a trio of religious zealots, Anthony resorts to covering up the facts for fear that he will be forced to out himself in order to catch the culprits responsible for the murder. But Adam's spirit won't rest easy until he's received a proper burial, and when a newlywed couple moves into the cabin and begins experiencing some strange supernatural phenomena, Anthony is finally motivated to bring Adam's killers to justice.
Drama , Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:
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John Shaw
as Anthony Ross
Felipe Munoz
as Police Detective
Joella Brown
as Monica
Rex Davison
as Brett
Ted Ryan
as David
Scott Stepp
as Roger
Jorge Ameer
as Real Estate Agent
Marcelle Lee
as Joanne
Torie Tyson
as Jogger
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Critic Reviews for The House of Adam

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Possibly it might be of some interest with the right amount of buzz, but then so is a passing cloud.

Full Review… | October 3, 2008
New York Post
Top Critic

Jorge Ameer's laughably unskilled drama is so poorly written and directed that it could be a fake movie within a John Waters camp classic.

Full Review… | October 3, 2008
L.A. Weekly
Top Critic

Had Jorge Ameer, the writer and director of The House of Adam, aimed for high-flying camp instead of low-rent earnestness, his movie might have stood a chance.

September 5, 2008
New York Times
Top Critic

Operating squarely in Afterschool Special territory, the helmer delivers yet another unremarkable addition to the growing list of low-end, gay-targeted pics whose box office depends on what auds will endure just to see a softcore, same-sex love scene.

Full Review… | September 5, 2008
Top Critic

Laughably unskilled.

Full Review… | September 4, 2008
Village Voice
Top Critic

was this supposed to be a joke?

Full Review… | February 2, 2009

Audience Reviews for The House of Adam

Oh, golly. Yet another bad Jorge Ameer film. How terribly unsurprising this is. Sadly, this is by far the best of the ones I've seen so far, which is absolutely pathetic considering that this one could only earn a half-star rating. Does this man have no boundaries when it comes to bad film-making? Who keeps giving him money to make these abominations? Anyways, the plot revolves around two men: Anthony and Adam. Adam works for Anthony's father at a small diner, and his employer suspects he is stealing from the diner. So, Anthony is brought in to go undercover to see if his father's suspicions are correct. The two men immediately become good friends after only a single day of working together (Which also included Adam sucking on Anthony's bloody finger in a way that is supposed to be seductive. It is fact, it's fucking creepy). It turns out Adam isn't stealing from the diner, but Anthony is to fund his education at a detective school (Way to begin a career in law enforcement by committing a felony!), and Adam is furious that he was suspected of such a deed. Despite this misdeed, Anthony and Adam inexplicably fall in love with each other after a while, resulting a whirlwind romance that consists of arguing over Anthony being in the closet or how they don't spend enough time together, pitiful sex scenes and nudity, whining, bad dialogue, and more. It's truly romantic to say the least. However, there are angry Bible thumpers running around town and they don't like Adam, so one day they break into his house, brutally beat him to death with a leather-bound Bible (I shit you not. You'd think he was being hit by a baseball bat from the impacts the Bible makes on his head), dismember his corpse with a butcher knife, and hide his remains (Even though during the course of the crime, a random woman jogging by hears the crime and calls the police. This town must have the world's slowest police department if all this can be done LONG before they get there). After a year at detective school, Anthony is already a hardened and grizzled investigator (You can tell he's hardened by the fact he's smoking a cigarette and seems angsty all the time) working for the very town he left and he is assigned to Adam's case...which then goes nowhere as the plot never talks about how Anthony is assigned to the case again after Anthony walks in on the crime scene and proceeds to contaminate it by vomiting all over the place. So, Anthony decides to wander around the nearby hills for some reason and no longer seems to be a detective and then gets hit by a car driven by a woman, who along with her husband, bought the house that Adam was murdered in. She takes him back to her place and doesn't bother to call for help and instead strikes a deal with him for him to live in a shed in the backyard and do work for the couple. It turns out the annoying wife (Seriously, every female character in this film is annoying as fuck and very stupid. They make the stupid women who get killed in slasher films seem like rocket scientists) can see dead people and senses Adam's spirit haunting the house. So, now the couple and Anthony must appease Adam's spirit and lay him to rest once and for all. The entire film is an absolute disaster, with the only redeemable moments being in the precious few campy moments that can be found in the film, like Adam being beaten to death with a Bible and random plot holes that occur. Other than that, there is not a shred of competent film-making to found anywhere in this film. The story is poorly written, as it only just steals from other sources (The Sixth Sense, Poltergeist, Ghost, etc.), has baffling moments and gaping plot holes, annoying and one-dimensional characters, dreadful sex scenes and nudity, and it also just ends up insulting gay people with its crass portrayal of them and expecting them to enjoy it on the basis of eye candy or perhaps trick really stupid people into thinking its a deep film about gay rights. Especially as a gay guy, I cannot stress just how goddamn awful this gay film really is. However, it doesn't matter what sexual orientation or background you come from, just never watch a Jorge Ameer film unless you are a bad film masochist like me. Save yourselves!

Keenan Sullivan
Keenan Sullivan

This is gay murder story. Thanks to non-gay sin killed gay! PLEASE DO NOT KILL GAY! THIS IS LAW SAYS THAT DON'T LET KILL PEOPLE! YOU MUST GO TO JAIL, SIN! I love gay.....I was sad about sin killed gay as sin killed Adam. I feel hurt then I want you don't kill gay or kill gay then go to jail. Please, don't kill me or gay because I am gay.

Brian Fortuna
Brian Fortuna

Very unprofessionally made, the direction is not focused and he has so many storylines going it turns out a jumbled mess. Amateur production, poorly acted.

James Higgins
James Higgins

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