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½ February 16, 2014
A decent story of the rise of the Cleveland organized crime boss Danny Greene. It's nothing that you haven't seen before.
December 17, 2013
Good historically accurate movie would recommend for anyone who loves a good old school gangster movie
½ December 17, 2013
Ray Stevenson carries the part well. The mix of real life footage and acting works well together. My only criticisim of the movie is that it is bound by telling a full life of Danny Greene, so inevitably many killings are glossed over which leads to a story that is a collection of events. Overall still a good movie and worthwhile watching.
December 8, 2013
One of the most inspirational movies for Irish Americans ever. Ray Stevenson is probably the most underrated actor in the game right now.
November 21, 2013
A fun movie that doesn't take itself to seriously.
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November 10, 2013
There isn't a single frame in "Kill the Irishman" that is of any originality, and I truly mean that. The dialogue is flat, the direction and cinematography are uninspired, and almost every character is some sort of mob-movie stereotype. The structure and narration (from Val Kilmer; who's character has little reason to exist) have been employed for the soul purpose of drawing comparisons to other, mostly superior movies. Even the score plays as self parody, inducing unintentional chuckles during what are supposed to be dramatic scenes. But even with all that is mind, "Kill the Irishman" is still a highly entertaining gangster story that benefits from it's fact-based narrative and the highly underrated charisma of Ray Stevenson in the lead. This is all really derivative, but nevertheless well staged, well performed and it gets better as it moves along. Enjoyable fluff for a rainy day.
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October 13, 2013
Really good drama that brought twists, turns and suspense to a real life gangster story. The suspense of the story line is taunt with superb acting, and a tight script. Ray Stevenson was wonderful in this, and was well supported by a host of very familiar faces...even Christopher Walken. Good job!
½ September 11, 2013
Where else do you film a movie about the Cleveland mob and an Irish warrior? Detroit! This movie is not perfect, but it is absolutely worth the watch. A true story and well told story. Many great performances, and a movie that leaves you understanding the major differences in Irish and Italian organized crime. The Irish don't hire people, the do their own dirty work and do it with their hands and somehow make it a noble profession, although it should be noted that its really never a nobleman's job. Danny Greene was one tough , lucky charm.

The importance of this true story in Italian mob history is huge as one Irishman took down an entire countries organized crime scene and changed the game forever. The
families in every major city were effected and Danny Greene proved that the longtime strength in numbers brought in from Italy could be shaken, and shaken by one man, the Irishman.
½ September 6, 2013
took me a bit to warm up to the movie but the character really grows on you.
½ August 25, 2013
Not bad film about Irish mobster Danny Greene, who singlehandedly (well, almost!) takes on the mafia in Cleveland in the 1960s and 70s in an attempt to carve out a piece of the action for himself. Greene, Birns and Nardi all seem like pretty good guys up against evil assholes, but the real-life story reveals them to be as bad as the guys they killed, if not worse.
½ August 23, 2013
The song the cat came back, comes to mind. Danny Greene just didn't want to die. LOL great biopic.
½ August 17, 2013
when i seen gangster no.1 i expected it to be like this film which it is not, kill the irishman based on true events is worth seeing for one thing, but it doesnt stand up to some other gangster movies that have style.
½ July 13, 2013
Vincent D'Onofrio does a credible job for a class B actor; worth seeing.
½ June 28, 2013
I liked Ray Stevenson's performance
June 13, 2013
Conclusion to the movie was MAD as.....
May 23, 2013
Because the movie states to be the greatest gangster film since Goodfellas, I was actually going into it very grudgingly with such a claim, but ended up very pleasantly surprised at how true the statement was! I was impressed with the story as much of it was based on the true life of Danny Greene from Cleveland and even has a decent documentary style bio on the special features.
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½ May 8, 2013
Kill the Irishman deserves to be a top mafia movie, but it falls just shy of achieving of its potential because of some lapses in storytelling and depth, but it does get marks for realism and charisma. Ray Stevenson is a fine actor, but his accent jumps in and out during the movie. I couldn't quite tell if they meant for him to be completely Irish or assimilated American-Irish. Some of the characters aren't fleshed out as much as I would have liked who I felt deserved a good background or look into their personal lives a bit more. A few scenes were unnecessary as well that were sort of like jump cuts. However, the action is good and by the end you really feel for the mobster Danny Greene. Val Kilmer as the cop wasn't anything to write home about and Christopher Walken was, as always, a presence on screen in his brief time. It's funny cause most people in the mob are associated with New York or the North East and wouldn't give two looks toward Cleveland, but it deserves to be recognized for the impact it had on the world of organized crime.
½ April 26, 2013
Would loved to have seen this movie with a bigger budget, better script, and minus Val Kilmer, who was about as convincing a hard-nosed CPD detective as my grandmother. Authentic news footage was a nice inclusion.
April 18, 2013
Only 10 minutes in but shaping up nicely!
April 10, 2013
Great Movie Danny Greene was one Tough mick!!!
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