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½ October 6, 2007
A jem of a movie, that probably hardly anyone has seen. I caught it on IFC a few years back....wonderful performances all around, from the annoyingly acultural Raj, living the better life in the US as a doctor, being as assimilated as can be while beginning a family with his cold and bitchy American wife, Laura. She immediately takes a dislike to Raj's father, Kishan, who was recently widowed and comes to the US to live with his son. The dynamics of culture shock and indifference work on unusual levels in this movie, perhaps VERY realistic manner...because I watched the movie and was so frustrated with how mean Raj and Laura were to Kishan, who is one of those amazingly well read and wise retired school teacher types, extremely open-minded, but of course has his Indian customs and shares them with his granddaughter, that puts tension between him and his son and daughter-in-law....as well as a sort of tension already present in the marriage.

Just a wonderful character study of a whole family really, very real, sometimes annnoying, sometimes inspiring...great independent picture that again, has gone unnoticed...
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