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A deranged scientist is attempting to enter the eighth dimension, and in one of his failed experiments, one of his assistants loses his eye. However, that's just the beginning; the eye quickly expands into a huge, lumbering monster with sex on the brain.
R (adult situations/language, sex, violence)
Cult Movies , Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Full Moon

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Jacqueline Lovell
as Rita Grady
Jonathan Norman
as Dr. Jordan Grady
Ryan Van Steenis
as Street Kid
Blake Bailey
as Creepy Bill
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In a film riddled with awful, unlikable characters, The Killer Eye was something I once thought as interesting, but I can now chalk that up to ignorance with youth because this movie is excruciating! The Killer Eye has moronic scientist performing over-the-top experiments in his studio apartment where he recruits a homeless kid to be a test subject in being injected with eye drops and seeing into the 8th Dimension. While the scientist deals with his at-first (more on that in a sec) bitch wife Jacqueline Lovell (who shamelessly keep the nudity brief in this), the kid dies, his eye pops out, grows to enormous proportions, and crawls out via air ducts to harass the other 5 tenants in this enormous apartment complex. This includes two naked, stoned dudes who emit a lot of homoeroticism, another husband and wife (the husband is the assistant to the scientist, while the wife is a nag who gets completely naked and shows off her titties, bush, and cottage cheese ass), and finally, Creepy Bill (played by a completely unoriginal actor who pretty much mocks Beetlejuice to a tee). Anyways, the eye moves around from room to room and proceeds to rape/fondle/whatever both girls back to back. By the end, the bitch wife is now the nice, good guy, the scientist loses it, the eye starts to act annoying, and at 70 minutes, I'm ready for this film to end before I blow my brains out. What's funny is I was wondering (I kid you NOT) if this Richard Chasen was another lame pseudonym for David DeCoteau, and sure enough it was. This would certainly account for all the homoeroticism throughout the film, not to mention the sheer laziness in filmmaking. What was supposed to be a fun, campy, cult film (though it had moments of hilarity) wound up being a tragic piece of crap. Too bad.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

Full Moon type movie. Cheesy as hell. Pretty funny, though. A giant killer eye kills men and molests women...

John Trifiletti
John Trifiletti

The best part of this movie is the special behind the scenes feature at the end of the VHS copy I saw showing a crew member operating the animatronic tentacle groping a woman in the shower scene. The second best part is the guy in the movie who clearly thinks he's Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys.

Steve M.
Steve M.

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