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December 6, 2014
EE Horton is the true star of this fizzling rom-com. That voice combined with his mannerisms seem always to be spot on! Blondell is certainly convincing enough, and Nash is perfectly cast as Horton's sidekick, the Duchess. It is actually Gravet that, while technically flawless, never really seems to bring his character to life and fill the screen with a royal portrayal. A shame Marx's direction couldn't bring this up another notch - he should have worked this like a stage production and it might have gotten award nominations.
½ January 2, 2008
Blondell demonstrates she merits the MOMA tribute, but Robert Montgomery belongs in Gravey's role, and Groucho may be better at ad-libbing than scripting. Also, Mervyn LeRoy should let Horton be Horton. Nonetheless, lotsa fun when seen with the New Year's Eve '07 crowd at MOMA.
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