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October 12, 2010
The novel by Richard Paul Evans is much better!
½ July 20, 2010
Nothing can go wrong when it has Vanessa Redgrave. Combine that with Mary McDonnell and a whole bunch of old people in the nursing home, it's my kind of movie 101% -- A tear-jerker no less, it isn't totally unrealistic either. I didn't see one of the twists coming, so I was quite surprised.

I know most people disapprove of Hallmark movies but this really is a good one with a strong cast.
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½ May 11, 2010
Ordinary drama is made into a superior one whenever Vanessa Redgrave is on screen. The woman is a marvel of nuance making the smallest gesture speak volumes. She easily outclasses anyone in any film that is lucky enough to have her in its cast. That being said the rest of the cast in this film give competent performances although the picture really isn't anything special.
April 4, 2010
This movie was released many years ago, but I still like watching it, really touching story I'll watch this as long as I find time, it's a beautiful Christmas Classic
½ March 31, 2010
A male nurse has to make choices re the girl he loves only to be caught up in accusations of muder.
February 21, 2009
The story and plot is boring,i think the movie goes in too many different directions and it would of been better if they had just stuck to the one simple storyline of the guy befriending the old lady. I tried to warm to the characters but they were so wooden that it didnt happen.
½ September 27, 2008
What a great movie! Absolutely loved it.
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May 17, 2008
An interesting movie.
February 7, 2008
I absolutely love the book this was based on
July 12, 2007
This is one of those movies I find and always ask what's this, pop it in the machine, and am pleasantly surprised. It's such a sweet story, and it's nice not to have language, violence, and sex scenes.
June 28, 2007
Good movie! Shows how string love is.
½ June 5, 2007
I was deeply moved by this movie. It makes you think.
January 10, 2007
This was just a nice feel-good movie and a little too forced of a script which more thought could have been given to to make it a little better. However, Vanessa Redgrave does a wonderful job with her role in this film - and that alone is worth the watch.
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