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½ January 9, 2010
THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY HORROR. Best described as "Blue Velvet"-like, this is a character-study drama bookended by brutally violent murders. The main character is the killer - the bookends are what is his supposed first time killing people and the end is the massacre that ended him. In between, the violence, the audience spends their time waiting for mc Ray to explode, analyzing his reactions to see who it is and why it is he will finally kill again.

This would be a brilliant film if the acting was more on point. The lead plays the dual ends well of the smiling charmer and then the shouting psycho, but he can't do anything in between those two extremes and struggles in "normal" moments of relationship building that most actors would do breezily. He is just awkward with the commonplace; the melodramatic is where this guy shines.

For the rest of the cast, the acting is mixed and most of them are more capable than the lead. No one's ruining the movie, but no one is stealing the show with a killer performance, either.

This film is marketed wrong because it has the Jack Ketchum attachment (this is a direct adaptation of his novel of the same title), it is branded as a horror title. It has a serial killer at the center, but this is very much a crime drama/mystery and the makers are clearly attempting at some time to give it an art-house stamp.

It's not bad, it's just very slow and unsucessfully executed. For gore fans, I do recommend that you watch the beginning and then skip to the final 15 minutes. An dplease just trust me, you are NOT missing any meaningful or believable character development.
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½ September 18, 2009
Based on the Book by Jack Ketchum. This movie starts off with a Blast, a real Blast, Ray Pye who is played by Marc Senter, Is in the woods partying with two friends when he happens to come across a naked girl coming out of a out house, he follows her to a river bank where she is sunning with a friend, Ray believes the two girls are Lesbians and returns that night and shoots them. Wush were are thrown into 4 years later, no one has been arrested for the killing of the 2 girls, but one not so smart detective has been on Ray's case for the past 4 years and knows Ray is the killer, Ray is the Assistant manager of his Mom's Motel, he is a cross between Elvis and James Dean, he has to put crushed beer cans in his boots to make himself look taller. The ending has about the most brutal killing scene I have seen in a long time. This was part of the 2006 Screamfest Film Festival. Its worth the rental, might even be worth the by at a pawn shop, but stay away anything more the $7.98. 3 1/2 stars slasher fans.
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½ June 10, 2008
Jack Ketchum's novel in which this is based is a well-written dramatic/thriller that's a tense and sometimes intense read like most of his novels are; the film however is a complete travesty. The direction is unimaginative, the camera work is clunky and amateurish, the script is at best serviceable...and then there's the acting.
Most everyone is okay at what they have to work with but Marc Senter as Ray is the biggest nail in the coffin.
His hack-ting is somewhere between Hayden Christensen and Jim Carrey--he's either wooden and very much not convincing or he plays it WAY over the top which ruins the entire last act.
If you want to see Ketchum done right then see The Girl Next Door instead of this embarrassing two hour mess.
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April 14, 2010
Jack Ketchum is a famed horror novelist, but as far as turning his stories into film is concerned, so far, it hasn't been very successful. The only film based on his writing that I enjoyed, was The Offspring. The most recent one I watched, The Lost, was by far his worst. The story is about two detectives following a guy they know is a budding serial killer, a man who they suspect in a previous crime. With no evidence against him all they can do is watch him. First off this film is very slow moving, to point where I almost turned it off. Second, the main character, Ray (Marc Senter), is a complete and utter moron. I don't know if the character was written that way or if the actor playing him was just that bad, but this guy was not believable at all! The story is rather hard to follow as well, mainly because throughout it, people just keep making statements about what they've seen or what they know, without providing those same details to the audience. Isn't the point of a good mystery to make the audience think and figure things out for themselves instead of just having someone tell them everything? This movie was slow, poorly acted, and on top of that just plain stupid! Don't waste your time on it.
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May 3, 2008
A well done Indi film with a great performance by the leading actor who plays Ray that kills two women & his friends witness the murder and help him cover it up.Eventually four years passes by after this murder & that's when the film takes awhile to see where is heading because it gets into Ray's world of drugs & sex, besides it takes time exploring a lot of the characters in this film.The best thing is to see Ray losing it & becoming a psychopath tours the end.The ending is very violent & creepy.
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½ February 21, 2008
Excellent adaptation of Ketchum's terrific novel. One of the only films I've ever seen that deal with a psychopath not as pure evil, in fact, except for the horrific act at the beginning, the horror remains completely in the background for the majority of the film... waiting. This is not Hannibal or Norman Bates, this is a guy people should be worried about, but few really see that there is a psycho in their midst. As for the "horror" word to the wise, you need a pretty strong constitution, the friend who I saw it with walked out on the movie, calling it "fucking sick". I'm sure Silverston and Ketchum would absolutely agree with him, this is not a fun horror movie and doesn't try to be. Though I wish someone would've told that to a dude in the audience who was laughing at all the misogamy and violence, up to a point. Highly recommended to those who like their horror smart and when it takes no prisoners.
April 10, 2014
The Lost really should have been called "The Psycho", the story does center around this weird/psychotic guy who does really bad stuff. The movie itself is very graphic/violent and they do a decent job developing the characters but the ending was disappointing. What exactly was the rush? Was he killed? Was he just badly beaten and then taken to jail for the rest of his life? What happened to the girl he was going out with? Had the ending been better, this would have gotten 3.5 stars instead of 3. Still though, it's not a bad film.
July 29, 2012
The director was going for a chilling look at the breakdown of a mentally deranged young man. What he presented us instead is an overacted, overlong, view of a sadistic man and the masochistic folks who hang around with him. Throw in there some inept cops who suddenly decide, four years later, to push the guy's buttons for a murder they suspect he did. A poorly put together movie that seems to rely on the prurient interests of the main character to keep your interest.
January 19, 2009
Stayed pretty true to the book. It wasn't really scary or creepy. Marc Senter as Ray Pye though did an amazing job. Can't wait to see him in more!
½ December 10, 2011
A strangely effective crime drama mislabeled as a horror movie. It's at times gruesome and at times satirical. The acting is over the top, perhaps intentionally, but oddly, it works.
½ July 29, 2010
Reminded me of American Psycho, but nowhere near as well done. Concentrated more on delivering shock value than on the actual production.
October 13, 2009
This took forever to get to where it was going. It's kinda like it needed to get across the street, but it walked around the block twice, once back and once forth, when it coulda simply just fuckin' walked across the street. The last 10 minutes are good, I won't deny that.. it's just everything else I didn't care for.
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½ December 22, 2008
I will say that Ray Pye is a very memorable character. This is a movie for people who have a high tolerance for realistic and disturbing violence.
½ June 15, 2008
A highly disappointing rendition of a great Jack Ketcham novel. This film is far more concerned with being perverted and over-the-top than terror.
May 13, 2008
A nicely done little thriller set around a tightly wound young psychotic who has already killed and may yet kill again, showing how he interacts with friends and potential new victims.

Worth a rental.
½ April 24, 2008
Another good adaptation of a Jack Ketchum novel, and it stays fairly close to the book. Good script, directing, and acting(though I think the lead actor goes a little over-the-top sometime), with a good build up to the brutal climax. Bloody without being excessively gory, it' very well made horror film.
April 9, 2008
A really good horror film that really didn't get much of a release into the theatres. The main character Ray Pye is like Norman Bates on crack. Check this one out.
½ April 3, 2008
Do NOT recommend this one. Because this author likes to take bits and pieces from true crime stories, the whole time I watched it, I kept thinking I had seen it before.
½ September 29, 2013
This movie is sick. It is thrilling and it has some "great" disturbing moments, but apart from this psychopatic portrayal, IŽd say we might have some decent performances from the subactors around, but from its lead cast it feels like a vomiting rollercoaster ride that goes to much up and down. It is also very booring, but odly enough sensuell, from its female cast that is. In conclusion IŽd say it is a drawn out hand-wrist cut that I wish I had avoided. Did I learn anything, probably only to stay away from irrelable people...which I already am.
½ September 30, 2013
This is a fairly well done film. The plot is a little simple for me and I feel they took the character into depths that were a little over the top. However I thought there was some good editing and camerawork going on in this film and Senter's performance is sure to entertain viewers of all tastes however hyperactive it may be.
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