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This campy Hong Kong version of King Kong played at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival (in the Midnight Madness sections), as well as the Toronto Film Festival. Mighty Peking Man is an over-the-top retelling of the great ape story in classic Hong Kong action style. A giant ape (called Mighty Peking Man) has emerged following an earthquake in the Himalayas, and has made its way to the Indian jungles. Lu Tien and Johnny Feng plan to capture the ape and exploit it, so they head out on an expedition to catch the beast. After violent encounters with elephants and other wild creatures they turn back, except for Feng, who on his own meets Samantha, a Tarzan-like woman in a leopard skin who was raised in the jungle. Feng and Samantha fall in love, capture the ape, and take it to Hong Kong. There, of course, the ape escapes its shackles and ravages the city. The big guy eventually climbs the Connaught Centre, the city's tallest building, where he soon meets his demise. ~ Chris Gore, Rovi
PG-13 (for violence and sensuality)
Action & Adventure , Art House & International , Drama
Directed By:
Written By:
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Rolling Thunder

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Li Hsiu-Hsien
as Chen Cheng-feng
Evelyn Kraft
as Ah Wei
Yao Hsiao
as Huang Tsui-hua
Feng Ku
as Lu Tien
Lin Wei-Tu
as Chen Shi-yu
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Do you like Giant Apes?
The Shaw Brothers?
Frequently topless women?
Than This picture is for you!

Ken Stachnik
Ken Stachnik

Super Reviewer


so far, the giant ape (Utam) has proven the knocking down bamboo huts on natvies is very deadly. then the Chinese expedition sets out to bring the ape back to make them all a lot of money. They have bad luck. They have been attacked by stampeding elephants, attacked by a tiger, lost part of their expedition to quicksand and faulty climbing equipment. And I think they are being stalked by a mostly naked blonde white wild monkey woman. the white wild woman is friends with the Giant Ape!! The mighty Peking man attacked jonnie but she saved him! Jonnie also wore a bluish leisure suit into the jungle. Because he caught his brother in bed with his girl! wild woman just got bit on the inner thigh by a snake then the tiger ate the snake and an elephant came to take them to the cave and now giant ape is bringing medicine. Leisure Suit Jonnie sucked the poison out and then spit out blood. It was hot. the giant ape just watched them have cave sex and then started crying and throwing trees until wild woman came out and put her face on the big lug's palm. Utam saves the boat from the storm by wiggling his butt back and forth, freeing them from a rock jutting up in the middle of the ocean. The size of the might Peking man really fluctuates. One minute he is so big that he takes up the whole boat, the next he is taking midget sized spears to the suit. the scenes where the wild white woman, who refuses to wear modern clothes, god bless her and her jiggles, running through the throngs of hong kong really makes for some great action! So are the scenes of Utam stomping on people. Good models. Good explosions. the military is much more effective in this one than any of the other ones. Maybe because they have a commissioner instead of a general! great ending!!

R.John Xerxes
R.John Xerxes

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